Friday, 26 October 2012

Logic- The Reason Pathway

A wave of reason cast by a gale of coherence. The rationale of argumentation and the sheer thrust behind thought and endeavour, it remains the epitome of systems; the envy of all rational systems. It is the magic of logic in both its precursory and prevenient flavours that has expounded and conveyed a means  beyond just another methodology. It deploys a pathway compelled towards coherence, sense and soundness; one laced with consistency and the strive for completeness. For we are in constant pursuit of both formal and informal schemes of reason that lack contradiction, promote logic truth, envisage theorems and propositions and make sense. The principles of induction, deduction and abduction remain the cornerstones, the mainstay of such a logic pathway. In the inductive sphere, logic is envisioned as the derivation of not only statements but propositions from certain examples, quite a dichotomy may be observed, for the deductive sphere constructs examples on the basis of propositions. Taking it a step further with the abductive sphere, where hypotheses are evaluated and composed, logic entails a miscellany of frontiers, namely the mathematical. In the mathematical sense, logic is a business of the contrasting faces of completeness and incompleteness; confined to the bounds of predicate or formal systems. There is no axiomatic construct capable of proving its own consistency and completeness in mathematics, thus such systems lack simultaneous completeness and consistency. But logic is beyond the arbitration founded in philosophical circles, much more than the symbolism employed by numbers and exponents; greater than the scope of formal systems. From rationalism to logicism, the superficial pursuit was to extrapolate reason beyond mere experience; yet the transcendent goal and ground of all being was to architect and harness a universality. A universality that underpinned a universal pathway, one that would separate the fallacious from the logically sound. Such a pursuit  sounds rather presumptuous, to create or to envisage a system that detects those crooked and circular modes of reason and simultaneously be conducive to those that make sense. Analogous to a mechanism that executes sound instructions and rejects or even destroys ill-formed and irrational means of reasoning. But since the Aristotelian view of logic grounded on both major and minor premises that generate so called syllogisms, there is a rejection of the usual pathways by which logic is applied and attained; the premise that logic does not correspond to anything in the material and physical world. Wherever the cards fall in such a light, logic as a pathway, a methodology and a deduction will progress as a cosmopolitan exultation of reason, comparable to a colony of worker ants tunneling through the rough terrain...

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