Friday, 30 March 2012

Silk upon Linen- The Thought Tapestry

Thought remains a reality beyond contemplation. It stands as the direct expression of our sagacity, our mastery and prowess. The preeminent means of attaining a coherent and uncompromising outlook through a realm of intangible yet compelling proportions. It remains the expression of curiosity while upholding a sensation of uncompromising inquisition and inquiry. Thought remains an ever transcendent end to a myriad and indefinite means. The means to conquer from every approachable angle the frontiers of erudition and wisdom, intellect and the penetrative reasoning behind the satisfaction of knowing; the majesty of perception and conception. But as long as we processed and digested such a paradigm we remained in dire need of a means to express the expression of thought. A means to illuminate the myriad interconnections behind the erudition and contemplation. A systematic approach to defining a reality deemed unconquerable, defining a frontier that defined every dimension of the sphere. And as the nexus solved such a likely conundrum, our philosophical appetite yearns for a higher and transcendent order of varying colour and proportion; a surpassing and paradigm-shifting potency. Thought produced not the conjectures for which such hypothetical models are based, but rather the essence and the abstractions that give rise to inquisition and inquiry. For thought is simultaneously a process, a reality and a manifestation of boundless capacity and dexterity. A reality with a score of bases, from philosophical to mystical and physiological. But as we delve deeper into that of the interconnections of the nexus we seem to be mesmerised and caught in the ecstasy of its meticulous form and function. We possess all the defining components yet we are compelled and driven to perpetuate a profound stance surpassing that of the novel and pristine. That pristine revolution remains the essence of beauty and elegance. The eloquence and appeal that arises from a visual manifestation is readily evident within and around some of the most abstract of abstractions. An elegance exceeding the boundaries of allure and charm, a beauty beyond that of the tangible and apparent. A fine tapestry and a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind. The thought tapestry places a definitive intrinsic beauty upon the nature of thought. An expression of thought as the weaving of thread upon the loom of inquiry and inquisition. The marriage of the linen of erudition with the silk of luminescence. The tapestry is a profound expression of such elegance and allure, the uncompromising beauty and potential. For if one is to ponder he may capture and grasp the sheer rudiments of the reality, but if he is compelled to ponder further he is on the verge of crafting the linen upon the silk. The thought tapestry may be conceived as a successor to the nexus, but when one pores over their mechanics and the mechanisms they formulate, one is devoid of a spasmodic being and blessed with a radiant sheen...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Biochemistry- Dissecting the Secrecy of Life

Life remains ever living, breathing and processing. The marriage of internal processes in an uncompromising fashion, giving rise to action upon reaction. An intricate labyrinth of organic wonder bound by an organic worth. A boundless institution of the physical self, the biological expression of the molecular and atomic frontiers. A fine tapestry, doused liberally and furnished with minute wonders of incalculable significance. Life at the most profound of approachable angles, the zenith of physiologic form and function. Uncompromising and thoroughly thrilling, it seeks on a consistent basis the intrinsic key to unlocking the sheer secrecy of life. Biochemistry is undeniably worthy of an intimate account and a dissection that seeks to disseminate the elaborateness and the majesty of an institution abundant with inquiry and inquisition. An art of biological and chemical stature, the means by which we can anatomise some of the most meticulous of biological function into a set of elementary yet fundamental processes. Biochemistry remains the end to an infinite means. The means to furnish and adorn the very annals of thought with a firm standing in the sciences and specialties of life. For life remains fiery on a plethora of approaches and such approaches are bound by a biochemical destiny. A destiny that is both sound and sustaining of erudition. Such erudition is indicative of nature as a force copious with phenomena that yearns a definitive explanation, phenomena that many may document, describe or even propagate but none remain to conquer. Biochemically, life is a multitude of such phenomena, working in an absolute state of unison to ordain the organism and its constituents. Phenomena that sends fiery nervous impulses across cellular bodies or entails molecular wonders we have yet to become acquainted with. It remains biochemistry that seeks to conquer the mystique of life, the secrecy behind what allows life such a state of preeminence, a state of stature and caliber. The very marriage of the molecular with the cellular, Biochemistry forms a fine tapestry of equilibrium that allows such realities to fabricate an art. But beyond such biochemical wonders is an ever immanent and transcendent force that is in absolute governance and authority. The compelling, driving and penetrating factor beyond the fission, fusion and metabolism. The factor shrouded with secrecy across all fronts whether novel or traditional. A factor met with denial and speculation, yet remains perpetuated by the organism and the myriad of biochemical phenomena at the core of its being. Biochemistry is at the heart of such a factor, its evolved being as the decoder of biochemical code entailing far more than atomically significant compounds. The essence of the reality, the fortification of the miraculous reality of life. The thread on which biochemical miracle is strung, the words on which biochemical wonder is penned...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Coded Eminence- The Human Potential

The unprecedented flourishing innovation behind the miraculous spirit of being. A representation unsurpassed and eminent, bound by a sequence  of coded proportion. The zenith of eloquence, a provocative and engrossing means to conquer and reason. The exploitation of the resources at hand to deploy a flourishing and innovative tapestry of excellence. Innate and prevalent, yet penetrating and compelling. The sheer culmination of the focal point of human thought, feeling and emotion. The reality of human potential is often attributed to that of the stances one can conquer on both an individual and collective level. But if one were to pore over the literature and the empirical basis to its form and function, one would recognise a reality substantial to the world and lives and minds. A potency, a prospect doused liberally with the essence of humanity. The human potential remains an often novel and new development throughout that of the intellectual realm, to the extent that a nation of thinkers remain in dire need of a paradigm to discern by. A model of which its shape, colour and potency are of a practical and versatile nature. A model that provides a visual basis for the most profound of the abstractions of the mind. An uncompromising paradigm to serve justice to a distinct potential. That paradigm remains the coded sequence.  A sequence of defining theoretical symbols and characters bound by a transcendent order of linguistics. Sequencing human potential seems the product of fantasy and delusion, but when one ponders the prospect of tapping into that potential, such a model becomes both paramount and practical. A set of unique, yet collective command of the immanent order. The theoretical model for a coded eminence as a direct representation of human potential remains an ever compatible and attainable prospect lacking the perils of rigidity and convention. Paving the opportunity for the individual to make alterations to suit his means of knowing, perceiving and conceiving. In addition, such a prospect leaves much initiative for that of eloquence. Eloquence being a rudimentary, yet preeminent abstraction of the mind remains the ideal candidate for the tapping into of that potential. For the eloquent individual has an intimate outlook of such a coded eminence and is recognising of its potency to serve his potency. Is recognising of the eloquence beyond that of the vague and the degenerative. Human potential truly remains a reality of individual and collective worth, for as a collective party of individuals the potential remains ever potent and fiery; on the lone frontier it remains a feat to tap and dissect in order that the true essence is released. The sheer model of coded potential is ever provoking of the boundaries by which such a potency is kept and restricted. The boundaries that govern and define, the limits by which we discern. Nonetheless, such limits remain farfetched and inconceivable when considering the sheer potency of human potential as a mystical and infinite reality.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Jonas Salk- Father of Immunity

A figure of absolute regard, acclaim and serenity. One who transfigured landscapes pertaining to that of his therapeutic aptitude and his humanitarian temperament. An individual noted deep within the annals of his discipline and his society. The definitive preeminence and its marriage with humility, morality and scientific prowess. Unsurpassed and ever-copious with the twin realties of intellect and wisdom. The summit of ingenuity, intuition and intervention; a culminating figure of dexterity. Jonas Salk persists a charisma worthy of an intimate dissection. A physician of incalculable capacity and distinct atribute. Salk as a figure of intrigue boasts the discovery that metamorphosed the public perception and conception of immunity and the acclaim of the humanitarian. An enduring legacy of tireless research in conjunction with an uncompromising motivated self foresaw an evident line of revolutionary proportion. Salk evoked a spirit of scientific and medical 'renaissance' with the pioneering of immunologic technique such as the polio vaccine and laid the critical foundations of subsequent ventures. A critical hallmark in the making of a prominent humanitarian, the promoter of wellbeing and stability. Salk saw fit in his research, not solely for the therapeutic implication but as a direct result of a rivalry within the establishment. The marathon-oriented rush for a polio vaccination during the series of epidemic during the fifties drove the rivalry for ingenuity and creativity. Salk remained at both the former and the latter, coupling his aptitude as a researching physician with the creative humanitarian implications of a vaccine. He established a specialty, unwritten yet lively and fiery in the hearts and minds of those who were affiliated and affected by his career. Salk exhibited the prospect of the researching physician at the epicentre of clinical practice and not as an an alienated member of the establishment. A notion of personal and public worth, a regard intrinsic rather than adulterated; an acclaim unsurpassed and fluid. The humanitarian basis for his research indicative of a desire to ordain a gain not of financial and monetary terms but rather the zenith of medicine and the realities central to its principles and practice. Salk's temperament as a humanitarian remained deeply rooted throughout a personal conviction, a compelling drive to conquer the unconquerable, cure the incurable. A legacy vast  and provocative that draws a seamless relation between that of the inspired and that of the inspirational. A junction between the provoked and the provocative. The channel towards a greater state of wisdom and intellect. Salk exemplified such tenets in an uncompromising fashion and foresaw the versatility of such stances on the personal and the public frontiers.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Margaret Mead- The Zenith of Anthropology

The inventory of ethos that defines our orientation. An evident line of custom, ethic and moral code that illustrates the tapestry of diversity with a cultural theme. The zenith of our conception, the challenging of the paradigms that define and forge. Bound by a sensation superfluous with flavour and copious with a substantial degree of eloquence. What sets the fine line between our primitive and the developed nature, the boundaries by which we live, prosper and perish. And at the centre, the very nucleus stands the symbolic statement of that example, on a cultural frontier. The sheer essence of a reality doused liberally with the quintessence of humanity and the facets of being that accompany it. What penned this cultural revolution was nothing short of individual. A masterful and provocative exploitation of the tangible and intangible resources at hand. The composition of a tapestry centered and bent around a theme of anthropological worth. Margaret Mead remains the dignitary and instigator of such a revolution. Armed with the traditional means, she set out to compare, challenge and rethink the ethos of her day; formulating a controversial yet flourishing account of a society overlooked in form and function. Mead remains deeply rooted throughout the specialty of cultural anthropology for the profound image she perpetuated. An individual of an inquisitive and inquiring nature, one that can forge a correlation between her specialty and her personality. Undeniably, a faculty of intrigue is Mead's documentation of the social, ethical and psychological constituents of the Samoan sociological model. Mead's dexterity and capacity to document such cultural ethos in the deepest of detail in her anthropological work, Coming of Age in Samoa. The perception of the cultural scientist and enthusiastic as an individual of challenge and comparison. Mead was driven towards the central prospect of providing a definitive basis for the challenges that vex the adolescent. Her examination and critical dissection of both realms of 'civilised' and 'primitive' remains a taboo-breaking stance in both modern and ancient circumstances. It was Mead psychological examination of this cultural sensation that illuminated the sheer mentality at the heart of these ethos. The mentality that drove, provoked and perpetuated the realities of tradition and custom, the essences of any society. Mead was a preeminent representation that while 'courtesy, modesty and good manners' were universal tenets, what constitutes to these tenets is varying among peoples and their societies. A variable across the mentality, the driver and motivator bound by those ethos. Anthropology as a specialty remains much like the vocation of sociology; a scientific, theoretical and empirical analysis of those cultural facets that constitute to a people just as the socio-economic tenets constitute to that of society. Beyond the sociological and anthropological implications, Mead fueled a personal intrigue and an obsession that would evoke the memorable stances of many and would attract copious volumes of skepticism and controversy. For it remains the controversial implications that foster fertile ground for the critically minded. The impending yet final verdict when one approaches Mead's academia with an open yet critical mind is paramount for her credibility. A credibility many yearn to attain, few capture and capitalise and many compromise and adulterate. The zenith of any intellectual and academic scholarly pursuit which founded the enduring legacy of an anthropologist of temperament and intrigue...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Psycopathy- Paradigm Shifting Proportions

The potential of human behavior remains well documented throughout the literature. An unprecedented outlook into the extents and extremes that shape, mould and forge the capacity of ones will. Bound by the obsession and intellectualism of modern research, the advent of a lack of this defining paradigm leaves one to ponder and evaluate the current status of psychology. Whether in its preceding or subsequent form, both the public and esoteric interest spirally round that of the psychopath remains provocative and exceedingly worthy of a critique. One that will outline the moral failure or triumph and the sheer essence of the focal point of human behavior. Currently, the term 'psychopath' is often pegged to an envisioning of the serial murder, an individual whose sadistic trends earn him a fate deep within the realm of capital punishment. However, it is the pathological lack of empathy and regard for the critical interests of others that stands as an ever encompassing definitive psychopathy. Such a state of mind and being that surpasses the ordinary boundaries by which the psyche and the conscience are governed. The limits to which one can dwell and express. The very pathological lack of empathy and regard stands as the paradigm shift in a dawn where the mind is in a state of intense scrutiny and premise. Psychopathy as a psychological and a neurological term is intimately related to that of the intangible and tangible respectively. With an analysis of ones personal nature and being on the psychological frontier and an outlook of physiologic phenomena one the neurological front. The sheer extents to which an individual is confined to and governed has intrigued the preeminent intellectual history immemorial. And the very basis for that state of governance seems non-existent throughout the perplexing dimension of the psychopath. The paradigm shift pertaining to that of psychopathy is nothing more than a centering of the focal point of human nature in a state of regard and empathy. Particularly when one is plagued, pathologically with this regard for ones fellow individual. In addition, the myriad of specialties making their impressions within and around that of the tangible brain remain in a state of capitalisation. The exploitation of the psychopath remains an intimate dissection of those facets of behavior we speculate as possessing a mystique, behavioral of proportions indescribable. Behavior is an expression of the innate and the forged self, a psyche eclectic and a derivative of a myriad of sources and essences. The projection and exhibiting of that lack of regard to a pathological extent is indicative of the extent of human behavior. For the human is indeed an illustrious organism, of which its intellectual, social, political and personal paradigms have dictated its stances and advances. To understand those advances is to understand that organism and to under stand the organism on the intellectual frontier one must dissect to paradigms of which it is bound and held. Analogous to such a paradigm is the instance of the psychopath, whose stances as a disregarding and sadistic personality have profoundly transfigured the extents and boundaries the focal point of human nature is bound to. A paradigm of shifting and transfiguring proportion... 

Friday, 2 March 2012

DNA- The Molecular Frontier

File:ADN animation.gifAn infinite nexus of genetic proportion. A labyrinth of instruction and erudition forming the basis of the biospherical realm. Double-helixed and interwoven, it remains inconceivable and intangible to the organism that harbors it and the biological marvel it sustains and perpetuates. Bound by an intelligent design and an unparalleled architecture few can ascribe and none can emulate. The culmination of the essence of biological being, an impeccable representation of the divine reality behind its meticulous molecular form and function. The host of an uncompromising wealth of information, the harborer of wisdom in a dialect foreign to its analysts and academics. The symbolic molecular frontier, doused liberally with wonder and miraculous phenomena. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) remains a frontier, an entity and a biological marvel of which its dissection on the intellectual front will yield an invaluable essence. The essence of a frontier governing our physiologic and genetic dimension. As as macromolecular body, DNA is both intriguing and provocative from the very instance one gazes analytically at its unparalleled form and reasons by its biological marvel. A compilation of complex and perplexing molecular and atomic compounds in conjunction with a rather eccentric anatomy. The basis for the fundamentals of hereditary and inheritance. What brings DNA to such a state of intellectual, scientific and literary prominence is undeniably the multitude of biological information and instruction at the core of its role throughout the myriad of physiologic processes that sustain an organism. Its genetic proportion evokes a state of intrigue and euphoria as a frontier remaining both converged and unconquered simultaneously. Its double-helix form evoking a state of wonder and mysticism. How a molecular frontier resembling that of a ladder with rungs encapsulates a divine signature, a divine impression of intelligent design. This surpasses that of the clash between the evolutionist and the creationist, it remains a preeminent and uncompromising strand of indisputable scientific and genetic evidence perpetuating the stances of the intelligent design. Intelligent design is explicit from every molecular formation of every nucleotide and manifest as the prospect of the information it harbors brings doubt across the claims of a genesis determined by chance and probability. DNA remains the cream of the genetic crop, the pinnacle of the molecular frontier and the substantiation of intelligent design. For as long as we continue to churn inevitable breakthroughs throughout the specialties of genetics and the hereditary sciences, we shall arrive at an avenue of which the human genome is transfigured. The genome will become the accessible, attainable and 'portrayble' reality, of genetic proportion. DNA seems the barrier, as the decoding of its information and genetic instruction remains the conquering of a molecular powerhouse. The complexity of a molecule both abundant and copious with biological matter foresees its marriage with similar molecules of complexity. The macromolecular and nucleic realities of RNA (Ribonucleic acid) and Proteins draw an evident biological fabric from which all organisms indiscriminate of their size or genetic variation stem. A being surpassing that of the immanent and transcendent, the higher order. And DNA portrays a textbook example of that intelligent design, gene by gene; molecule by molecule and atom by atom. A design unsurpassed, exhibiting the intellect and infinite capacity of a creator. And as we converge further into an advent of rapid and controversial stances concerning the human genome and the DNA that constitutes to its form and function, much remains to be conquered and dissected. A molecular frontier, serving as fertile ground for those futuristic ventures...