Friday, 25 May 2012

Gandhi- Pilgrim of Peace

A figure of immense renown and reverence. Revered not solely for his stances of political liberation, but rather of his movement for serenity and composure. The revolutionary that stood ground at the advent of turmoil and oppression, the culmination of leadership and the zenith of personal transformation. He bequeathed a paradigm, a mentality and an unparalleled world-view that foresaw the birth of a nation and the making of a people, a universal and immemorial canon of peace. An irreducible psyche, the historic germination of a seed of hope and reform. Superficially transfiguring the political and social frontiers, his tale remains an odyssey of personal proportions with repercussions that penetrate that of the heart and ponder the sagacity. Mahatma Gandhi remains a preeminent personality that crossed borders and barriers in a constant yearning for emancipation and liberty. The culmination of the Indian independence movement  is encapsulated throughout his mild mannered, calm and tranquil temperate. One may gather from his humble beginnings and personal experimentation with truth a rather revolutionary spirit that freed his people from the shackles of tyranny and injustice. Gandhi foresaw the world from every approachable angle via a lens that transcended ordinary perception. In addition, one is able to deduce a persistence coupled with a lively and fiery spirit of personal transformation, a practical paradigm. More probing is his engagement in the Salt Marches that waged a civil disobedience upon the colonialism that governed the Indian state and established a perennial impression of a revolutionary. Gandhi possessed neither the physical nor the material means of shunning colonial rule, it was the concept of civil disobedience in conjunction with a signature weapon of peace that granted India its independence and the challenging of colonialism. A leader is the immediate conception with a revolutionary of his caliber and stature, Gandhi gathered disciples with a common denomination that formed the fabric of a movement of composure and spirit. And above all descriptors of serenity and regard, Gandhi maintained a universal message that crossed borders and foresaw a paradigm shift in the conception and perception of a nation, the making of a people.

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Soul- A Quest of the Self

A substance that lacks material-form, yet harbors the capacity to define the nature of being. The paradigm of incorporeality, an intangible and mystical manifestation of the self. Spiritually provocative and intellectually probing, the soul has become a phenomenon beyond that of the theological and has compelled the modern intellectual to seek its greater connotation and its intrinsic essence. For when documenting or conveying the soul, one is faced with the insurmountable hurdle of fathoming a reality substantial to the world and lives and minds, one that transcends matter and energy and challenges the dogma of materialism. Conquering such a feat on the intellectual frontier, demands an inquisitive insight into the nature of being from both the psychological and the spiritual, an approach that marries the best of both spheres. However, when one pores over the crux of being, the immortal nature and the mystical implications; one recognises that current comprehension lacks the potential to demystify the black-box of the soul. The soul is an intrinsic, perennial and elusive frontier, one that challenges the common conception of a solely material being and revives the spirituality of nature. It is our conception of the human as a reducible mechanism that has distorted our outlook, blurred the miraculous vista at the core of the soul. For we have gained and insight into the soul, but have reduced it to the likes of the mind, to the intricacy of the brain, to the molecular formations of atoms, to elementary and subatomic particles and beyond. What must be retained is an outlook that is neither distorted nor blurred, on that is spiritual and compelled to conquer the roots of being, from every approachable angle. Psychologically, the soul is the medium that transcends the mind, the centre of all emotive processes, the inspiration to cognition. But as a spiritual intellectual, one surpasses the superficial and analyses the vast oasis of the soul, implicitly and intrinsically; conquering the soul is not a product of intellect centered on measurable and static reality. Philosophically, compelled is one to decipher the logic of the soul and truly capture its essence through meticulous contemplation. And above all wisdom and inquisition stands the connectivity to the divine, a yearning for truth and a spirit that thrives in the knowledge of the divine. For the soul remains universal and immemorial. But the premise of a material soul seems contrary to the concept of incorporeality and a spiritual self, contrary to the conception of immortality. It is through an approach that seeks the divine reality truly seeks the nature, form and function of the soul. An approach of the highest stature and eminence, the ethic that places the final installment to the ground of all being, the culmination of spiritual insight and intellectual inquisition.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Surgery- A Methodology

The spectacle of blood-stains, guts and all that oozes. A representation of not only the medical but the practical and the methodic. The summit of clinical practice, a panorama of the miraculous anatomy and physiology at the core of an elusive mechanism. A stance of the scalpel, applying the erudition of medicine to the intervention of diseases, from the benign to the malignant, the congenital and the acquired. An exceedingly specialised specialty that captures the rudiments of bodily function, emancipating it from the pathologies that may plague it. Surgery is an incredibly profound phenomenon, a preeminent representation of the advances, success, failures and mishaps that formulate the reality of the medical fraternity. A manual practice of medicine, surgery takes the physician deep into the vast oasis of the body and places him at the forefront of the maladies that plague and the physiologic function that intrigues. It stands as an incredibly intimate and elaborate institution  that allows the physician to formulate a relationship with that of the patient and a paradigm of ethics and morality. For it remains the patient that seeks the precision of the scalpel as dictated by the surgeon, the patient that places an absolute degree of privilege and trust and the patient whom the surgical method is applied. Surgery has certainly experienced much evolutionary transfiguration over the millennia, from a primitive yet specialised tenet of healing to a statured and ever prolific institution of the medical fraternity. A practice that has foreseen several advances both of novelty and tradition, namely the restricting of infection, the management of pain-perception, a detailed anatomical repository of knowledge and the control of fluid loss. Such evolutionary feats have placed surgery in a position of prominence and ordained a radically pristine standard. For it is the most practical of intervention that proves the most radical, one that when applied in a fashion of precision and exactitude, the implications remain to better the state of health. And if such a methodology is applied in a fashion of disregard vindictiveness, the implications stand nothing short of horrendous and excruciating. Surgery possesses a hallmark, not solely in its practical intervention but also the degree of euphoria that remains lively from the moment of incision and fiery at the end of the procedure, a euphoria that comes with conquering the pathology and rectifying the sacred form and function of some of the most delicate and intricate ornaments of the body. An ecstasy that remains a perennial and a symbolic rudiment of surgical precision and clinical practice. Surgery remains a multidisciplinary and interdependent vocation, one that encompasses and captures the essences of myriad specialities and concocts a tapestry of application and practicality. One that is uncompromising in its nature, colour and proportion. Surgery is methodology, but implicitly it captures a greater essence of clinical practice, one that is humanistic and poignant; an expression of altruism and duty of care during a circumstance of great homeostatic dysfunction, disease and disorder, malady and pathology. The culmination of practicality, by the action of the scalpel and the wisdom of the physician...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Atom- The Crux of the Cosmos

The definitive reduction of the universe. One that concocts a reality of infinite wonder through its intricate structure and elaborate function. A single, minute unit that comprises the universe in an immensely nano but uncompromising state of eloquence. The sheer basis to the fundamental rudiments of the lively and fiery cosmos, a thought provoking manifestation of aesthetic worth and physical dynamics. Governing and defining the myriad processes that perpetuate the material wonder of the universe, a eminent mechanism that harbors an colossal force of universal proportion. The advent of the understanding of the atom is a preeminent stance of the sciences, a progressive and profound movement that sought the essence of matter from every approachable angle. The immemorial conviction to dissect and disseminate the 'stuff' of the universe. The atom remains a phenomenon that teases the likes of the theoretical, physical and chemical sciences; through its elegance one seeks not solely its substance, but its genesis. A compelling subject of examination, one that through its dynamic processes on a diminutive level define the action upon reaction at the macro level, an provocative scientific and often personal intellectual endeavor. But beyond the annals and cries of intimate understanding, lie unanswered mystique that is at the core of this minute mechanism of matter. One may ponder its energy potential, at such a minute scale while considering its reduction into both its elementary and subatomic forms. The physicist may consider its role in fission and fusion while the chemist is inquiring of its nature throughout ionic and covalent bonding. Myriad disciplines that are propelled to dissecting the secrecy of the mechanism yet find little progress in a realm of infinite wonder and mystique. Particularly intriguing would remain the reduction of the atom into its finer elementary and subatomic particles, for the physicist is is constant yearning of even finer and finer particles of reduction; from quarks to strings and beyond. What is truly miraculous is the ubiquity of its presence, a reality abundant, copious and unparalleled. In addition, much may be premised regarding the role of the atom to unlocking the logic of the cosmos, not in terms of its physical and chemical constituents, but rather in terms of the essence, one that is encapsulated throughout the material world. A world of varying colour and proportion, of miraculous dynamics and processes that sustain a physical and chemical governance, a product of a rational and conscious agent. Our potential in dissecting such a physical and chemical phenomenon, is foreseen with our progress on a theoretical frontier, conjectures arising from almost every dimension of the academic and intellectual sphere. Conjectures and hypotheses taking the structure of the atom to a whole new extent suggest the existence of strings, whose vibrations dictate the dynamics of the atom. String theory is at the forefront of such a hypothetical quest for atomic structure over substance, with its mathematical abstractions and potent intellect regarding the nature of the cosmos. But in the midst of such an intellectual and scientific pandemonium we must regard an approach that transcends that of the physical, chemical and theoretical. An approach that seeks to rudiments, fundamentals and essences of a minute yet potent unit of reality.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pleasure- A Reward over Retribution

Human nature remains among the ubiquitous and along the elusive. A mechanism that surpasses explanation and reduction, the culmination of being. A nature that foresees an innate and an intrinsic psychology that is compelled to fulfill and to conquer. But beyond the obvious parameters of the explicit reality is an implicit essence that is at the core of human nature. A mechanism, intangible yet accessible and copious with passion and emotion, the profound expression of individuality and a sense of collectivism and interdependence. Pleasure remains a preeminent tenet of humanity, a systematic and intuitive trait that is resident upon the mind and native to that of the heart. A facet of being that is inclusive of the values, passions and expressions that constitute to that of psychology and one's mode of thought and cognition. Pleasure expresses the conviction to fulfill and conquer a reward analogous to that of a species that preys on its sustenance, a thrusting and compelling force of personal proportion. One that we may extract either from our intellectual pursuits or our yearning for a greater logic, a greater coherence to the phenomenon of life. But as we ponder its implications, we remain in dire need of a means to capture its finer rudiments, the fundamentals that define its form and function. The mental states of ecstasy, euphoria and the undeniable role of happiness seem the obvious routes down a pathway of tactically dissecting pleasure. For pleasure is a reality beyond that of a reductionist view of biochemical symphony, it is the sheer hub of the subjective experience, one that perpetuates a drive towards conquering an end need, an invaluable facet of being. Much on the intellectual frontier of pleasure has been disseminated, ranging from the aesthetic pleasure of mathematical proof to the psychological and sensuous states of arousal. A plethora of happenings and an abundance of states that on a consistent basis prove an endless and an incessant dependence on pleasure and the desire to be compelled to attain a pleasing, ecstatic and euphoric state. For the human is no mechanical or biochemical entity, the human is the emotive and the subjective, the personal conviction for pleasure. An unsurpassed demand for pleasure and ecstasy, a yearning for happiness and euphoria; the culmination of the psychology and the humanity of the beauty of being. A reality undermining retribution, instead satisfying a definite reward that is captivating and fulfilling. Pleasure is the term pegged to the devouring of a luscious dish, the gazing upon an exquisite face, the cracking of an intellectual conundrum or even a state of personal tranquility. A tenet of being that is of a varying colour and proportion yet perpetuates an intrinsic value that is of immeasurable proportion and consistency. And the ultimate conundrum shall remain etched in stone, what are the limits?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Mathematics- An Equilibrium in Numbers

Mathematics is nothing short of elegant and exquisite. The culmination of the abstractions of thought, with the cutting edge reasoning, passion and euphoria that comes with a tactical approach to problems. The meticulous account of the laws that govern, the theorems that define and the conjectures that harbor an innate potential. A discipline shrouded with an explicit complexity yet embodies an implicit reality lively and fiery with passion and elegance. The euphoria of logic coupled with the conviction to master and to conquer the material world. A preeminent means to understand and to dissect the myriad interconnections that retain an essence that is both intrinsic and uncompromising to the realm of numbers, whether in their rational or irrational forms. The means to capture and to perpetuate the crux of an abstract, hypothetical and indefinite ideal through the purity of proof and reason. But beyond a realm of numerical entities and equating equations comes a beauty that surpasses explanation and reduction, one that touches the intellectual heart over the mind. Mathematics is both an intriguing and provocative specialty that has produced theorems and a rational means to unraveling the conundrums that tease the most inquisitive of minds and forge a legacy of perennial fame. While approached with distasteful minds that view via a distorted vision, devoid of light and illumination; mathematics has come under a blurred spectacle of examination. One that recognises its explicit complexity over its implicit beauty and allure, one that compromises the essence of a reality of blind proportions. Mathematics is indeed an intrinsic aspect of the known universe, the culmination of the measurable, experimental and provable. A science that is distinct in its methodology, one that harbors proofs over mere hypotheses substantiated with evidence, the purest in its form and function. The language of the enlightened, mathematics remains a universal medium of communication that is confined to infinity; a concept we have yet to grasp to the fullest of play. More renowned would be the stances of those mathematicians that are confounded by the enigma, are provoked by its challenge and seek to tactically solve it. A spirit and a passion perpetuated by mathematics, a spirit that propels, projects and penetrates. The essence of the intellectual heart, the spirit that soars higher than conceived, the intellect that advances further than ever. And as one may ponder the future of such a discipline, one ponders the very nature of infinity for it is the true and unadulterated of representation of the potency of mathematics. A potential that is resident upon the theorems, the laws and the conjectures that have sought to build a greater understanding of the tangibility and intangibility of the world. But the fine tapestry of mathematics is not a frontier that may be conquered or encompassed with the span of a few words, it is one that may be expressed along the parameters of infinity. An equilibrium in numbers that remains among the abstract and alongside the exquisite, the elegant...