Monday, 14 May 2012

Surgery- A Methodology

The spectacle of blood-stains, guts and all that oozes. A representation of not only the medical but the practical and the methodic. The summit of clinical practice, a panorama of the miraculous anatomy and physiology at the core of an elusive mechanism. A stance of the scalpel, applying the erudition of medicine to the intervention of diseases, from the benign to the malignant, the congenital and the acquired. An exceedingly specialised specialty that captures the rudiments of bodily function, emancipating it from the pathologies that may plague it. Surgery is an incredibly profound phenomenon, a preeminent representation of the advances, success, failures and mishaps that formulate the reality of the medical fraternity. A manual practice of medicine, surgery takes the physician deep into the vast oasis of the body and places him at the forefront of the maladies that plague and the physiologic function that intrigues. It stands as an incredibly intimate and elaborate institution  that allows the physician to formulate a relationship with that of the patient and a paradigm of ethics and morality. For it remains the patient that seeks the precision of the scalpel as dictated by the surgeon, the patient that places an absolute degree of privilege and trust and the patient whom the surgical method is applied. Surgery has certainly experienced much evolutionary transfiguration over the millennia, from a primitive yet specialised tenet of healing to a statured and ever prolific institution of the medical fraternity. A practice that has foreseen several advances both of novelty and tradition, namely the restricting of infection, the management of pain-perception, a detailed anatomical repository of knowledge and the control of fluid loss. Such evolutionary feats have placed surgery in a position of prominence and ordained a radically pristine standard. For it is the most practical of intervention that proves the most radical, one that when applied in a fashion of precision and exactitude, the implications remain to better the state of health. And if such a methodology is applied in a fashion of disregard vindictiveness, the implications stand nothing short of horrendous and excruciating. Surgery possesses a hallmark, not solely in its practical intervention but also the degree of euphoria that remains lively from the moment of incision and fiery at the end of the procedure, a euphoria that comes with conquering the pathology and rectifying the sacred form and function of some of the most delicate and intricate ornaments of the body. An ecstasy that remains a perennial and a symbolic rudiment of surgical precision and clinical practice. Surgery remains a multidisciplinary and interdependent vocation, one that encompasses and captures the essences of myriad specialities and concocts a tapestry of application and practicality. One that is uncompromising in its nature, colour and proportion. Surgery is methodology, but implicitly it captures a greater essence of clinical practice, one that is humanistic and poignant; an expression of altruism and duty of care during a circumstance of great homeostatic dysfunction, disease and disorder, malady and pathology. The culmination of practicality, by the action of the scalpel and the wisdom of the physician...

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