Friday, 25 May 2012

Gandhi- Pilgrim of Peace

A figure of immense renown and reverence. Revered not solely for his stances of political liberation, but rather of his movement for serenity and composure. The revolutionary that stood ground at the advent of turmoil and oppression, the culmination of leadership and the zenith of personal transformation. He bequeathed a paradigm, a mentality and an unparalleled world-view that foresaw the birth of a nation and the making of a people, a universal and immemorial canon of peace. An irreducible psyche, the historic germination of a seed of hope and reform. Superficially transfiguring the political and social frontiers, his tale remains an odyssey of personal proportions with repercussions that penetrate that of the heart and ponder the sagacity. Mahatma Gandhi remains a preeminent personality that crossed borders and barriers in a constant yearning for emancipation and liberty. The culmination of the Indian independence movement  is encapsulated throughout his mild mannered, calm and tranquil temperate. One may gather from his humble beginnings and personal experimentation with truth a rather revolutionary spirit that freed his people from the shackles of tyranny and injustice. Gandhi foresaw the world from every approachable angle via a lens that transcended ordinary perception. In addition, one is able to deduce a persistence coupled with a lively and fiery spirit of personal transformation, a practical paradigm. More probing is his engagement in the Salt Marches that waged a civil disobedience upon the colonialism that governed the Indian state and established a perennial impression of a revolutionary. Gandhi possessed neither the physical nor the material means of shunning colonial rule, it was the concept of civil disobedience in conjunction with a signature weapon of peace that granted India its independence and the challenging of colonialism. A leader is the immediate conception with a revolutionary of his caliber and stature, Gandhi gathered disciples with a common denomination that formed the fabric of a movement of composure and spirit. And above all descriptors of serenity and regard, Gandhi maintained a universal message that crossed borders and foresaw a paradigm shift in the conception and perception of a nation, the making of a people.

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