Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pleasure- A Reward over Retribution

Human nature remains among the ubiquitous and along the elusive. A mechanism that surpasses explanation and reduction, the culmination of being. A nature that foresees an innate and an intrinsic psychology that is compelled to fulfill and to conquer. But beyond the obvious parameters of the explicit reality is an implicit essence that is at the core of human nature. A mechanism, intangible yet accessible and copious with passion and emotion, the profound expression of individuality and a sense of collectivism and interdependence. Pleasure remains a preeminent tenet of humanity, a systematic and intuitive trait that is resident upon the mind and native to that of the heart. A facet of being that is inclusive of the values, passions and expressions that constitute to that of psychology and one's mode of thought and cognition. Pleasure expresses the conviction to fulfill and conquer a reward analogous to that of a species that preys on its sustenance, a thrusting and compelling force of personal proportion. One that we may extract either from our intellectual pursuits or our yearning for a greater logic, a greater coherence to the phenomenon of life. But as we ponder its implications, we remain in dire need of a means to capture its finer rudiments, the fundamentals that define its form and function. The mental states of ecstasy, euphoria and the undeniable role of happiness seem the obvious routes down a pathway of tactically dissecting pleasure. For pleasure is a reality beyond that of a reductionist view of biochemical symphony, it is the sheer hub of the subjective experience, one that perpetuates a drive towards conquering an end need, an invaluable facet of being. Much on the intellectual frontier of pleasure has been disseminated, ranging from the aesthetic pleasure of mathematical proof to the psychological and sensuous states of arousal. A plethora of happenings and an abundance of states that on a consistent basis prove an endless and an incessant dependence on pleasure and the desire to be compelled to attain a pleasing, ecstatic and euphoric state. For the human is no mechanical or biochemical entity, the human is the emotive and the subjective, the personal conviction for pleasure. An unsurpassed demand for pleasure and ecstasy, a yearning for happiness and euphoria; the culmination of the psychology and the humanity of the beauty of being. A reality undermining retribution, instead satisfying a definite reward that is captivating and fulfilling. Pleasure is the term pegged to the devouring of a luscious dish, the gazing upon an exquisite face, the cracking of an intellectual conundrum or even a state of personal tranquility. A tenet of being that is of a varying colour and proportion yet perpetuates an intrinsic value that is of immeasurable proportion and consistency. And the ultimate conundrum shall remain etched in stone, what are the limits?

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