Friday, 30 September 2011

Don’t write that paper! The perils of Academic Publishing

The very plight one must endure to publish his Academic treasure is inconceivable. I recently finalised my latest Academic paper and in the process pondered an idea, what harm can publishing do? It seems the only practical and economic means by which I can distribute my masterpiece is through Academic publishing. Through such a ‘meticulous process’, I came to another realisation. What esteemed, illustrious and highly-regarded institution has the very resources under their belt to publish a mere paper written by a youngster? Consequently, I got a hold of the University of New South Wales’s phone number. I was directed after nearly six transfers in one call to the printing department. I observed they didn’t quite get a hold of what the word ‘publishing’ meant. I as an academic wanted to publish an academic paper academically to contribute to the academic community and to the academics that form it.

Papers are among one of the most powerful mediums to express ones thought and propagate the findings of a new discovery. They in turn provoke criticism by the Academic community and foster competiveness. But the long struggle to publish a single paper is asinine, ludicrous, ridiculous and more appropriately ‘Cockamamie’. It seems publishing papers is nothing short of ‘hopeless’, surprisingly it becomes apparent I am writing a paper typing about the ordeal!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Victor Chang- A Surgeon's Encounter with Miracle and Mortality

He was a flattering image of flair and panache. A pedantic physician dedicated to the combating of some of the most malignant Cardiac-Disorders. His name was Dr. Victor Chang. Such an Australian is an iconic representation of flourishing  medical excellence throughout a multicultural atmosphere. The pioneering of modern heart surgery, transplantation and the development of the artificial heart valve. The University of Sydney graduate was born in Shanghai and has forged a reputation of prominence as an Australian hero. My current study of medical innovation of the past and now are nevertheless shrouded with vivid images of his brutal death, what began as a would-be extortion, robbed the life of one of Australia's most celebrated surgeons.Given the fact that statistics suggest that an Australian dies of Cardiac disease every 23 minutes, the effect is profound. Its level of malignancy and mortality deserving of a position close to brain cancer, the number one cancer killer in paediatrics with its incidence growing at an exponential rate. What can be derived, in short, is the very prospect that with hope, determination and perseverance; the in- achievable becomes executable and the cure might be just down the road, the academic road. And mark my words, the academic road ain't of a smooth nature, its a rough ordeal to earning that PhD.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Milton Friedman- Capitalism and Freedom

How can one live in assurance that his personal freedom is secured with power being exercised in political hands? Milton Friedman through a set of revolutionary statements and several renowned books answers such a question with avid support towards Capitalism. Capitalism has appealed to me more than any other economic system through Friedman's influence and it seems it is the only approach worthy of the ideals of free men in a free society. It has occurred to me on both the personal and professional fronts that the free enterprise means of ownership, production and fiscal policy is the very definition of freedom. One may challenge such a prospect, arguing that such a system is abundant with the tenets of greed, inequality and corruption.
Such a problem can be approached from two standpoints, firstly the fact that there exists no economic system free from greed. A system that fosters competitiveness and prosperity is often viewed as frugal, gluttonous  and self-indulgent.
Secondly the belief that through a political platform such as government one can exercise policy and strategy to preserve ones individual freedom.
It also becomes overt the fact that Economic freedom and Political freedom are intimately related. Nevertheless, the human society, regardless of Friedman's influence ,assumes their own position in a highly competitive world market. The similitude  such a stance by the working class citizens of the world is that of a transistor on a silicon chip, a mere cog in the system.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Human Mind- Mother of all Machines

File:Skull and brain normal human.svgIts incredibly Gelatinous, weighing in at under three pounds it stands paramount to the very prospect of Human intelligence. But how can one badly set rounded mass hold the very complexities of the universe? The query has provoked thought and debate down through the ages by some of the most pre-dominant philosophers, metaphysicians and intellectuals. The very medium for thought, consciousness and abstract thinking. It's often said that we utilise a minute portion of our brains, equating to that of 10 percent or so, the truth is much of the physiology, anatomy, form and function of the brain is shrouded in darkness, we havent a clue what evokes love at first sight or the perception of pain. I, as an intellectual regard the mind as the 'Mother of all Machines', processing, relaying pedantically to the very core. Its very potential, capacity and dexterity is often overlooked.
Susceptible even to the most lingering, malignant and malicious of diseases, the brain is shrouded in much controversy with theories emerging from every dimension of the sphere. 100 billion cells can come a long way, especially with a quarter of a million of them churning within the cranial cavity of a foetus. Yet again the metaphysical questions can be pondered, What form of divine inspiration does the brain incorporate? The answer is of course 'self explanatory'.

Monday, 12 September 2011

The Existence of God- A stunning Realization

What intimate relationship does the Existence of God or a divine deity have with slapping one another in the face? These two  seemingly unrelated concepts came to me in unison as I was completing some Math today. I have demonstrated that the very existence of God to my-self in an extremely abstract fashion. The incision of a needle into one's skin, the burning with hot coals, the very painful sensation of pain is a divine revelation. Place it as for instance God didn't exist, from an Atheist retrospect. What reason would nature have in endowing creation with the perception of Pain? How could the very perception of pain evolve through the principles of probability? If nature were to grant the creation with the ability to sense pain without any form of divine inspiration or intervention, it would be a laughable, cockamamie and asinine concept. However from the Theist's Standpoint, the perception of pain paves the way for the divine will, decree and mind of God to be realized. There is embodied a very concrete purpose in the granting of creation with the faculties of pain perception, one explored through numerous means, through a multitude of Religious Ideologies. The theist uses his/her faculties of reasoning, critical and abstract thinking in conjunction with logic and common sense to conclude that A divine being has created such a purpose in the consciousness of the creation and the divine being has created creation itself.

Hasan Mohammad

Friday, 9 September 2011

My thoughts Dissected

The very reason for the inception of this blog is en-capsuled within the very words that constitute to its foundation. I stand neither a Democrat, nor a Communist, a Methodist nor a Baptist but a preeminent intellectual pondering the very questions of life. Blogging has always been bent on the persuasive and influential power of mass media and it becomes profoundly evident that for instance, a free man, the Representative of the ideals of a free society asks not what he can do for his government but what he can do through government.
In addition, the widely argued definition of 'Intelliegence' has been synonymous with the quest to pinpoint the demographics of Human consciousnesses, thought and emotion. It is through blogs such as this that revolutionaries  are born and tyrannical bureaucracies overthrown to the very core.
Feel free to join and don't dare hesitate suggest topics for discussion and debate.
In the mean time, Happy Blogging :)

Dr Hasan Mohammad