Thursday, 26 April 2012

Linus Pauling-Exploits of a Chemist

No chemist remains as prolific and revered as Linus Pauling. A figure of the highest stature and regard on both the chemical and pacifist frontiers. The culmination of an intellectual odyssey, coupled with an intrinsic insight into the nature of the universe. An inquisitive eye for the nature of matter, energy and the bonds that constitute to structure over substance. The preeminent symbol of profound insight and personality, an influential stance and impression upon the annals and practice of science. Pauling foresaw a reality that constituted to the nature of the universe. An undying passion to document, dissect and demystify the nature of the physical and chemical realm that surrounded him proved an invaluable asset to the score of breakthroughs that he unearthed. Pauling formulated a legacy that spanned the entirety of an intellectual career, one that is with its evident successes and distinct short-comings; but one with an overall intrinsic value. For the chemist remained foreign to the worldly affairs that encircled their world but Pauling intervened and ordained a personal correlation with the universe, transfigured the realm of the chemist. Among some of his noblest and most boastful of accomplishments was the unraveling of the secondary structure of proteins, the alpha helix and the masterful documentation expressed in The Nature of the Chemical Bond. Pauling proved to be a chemist surpassing that of the ordinary, a single intellectual bound by the undying passion for his odyssey of exploration. More profound was his championing of structure over substance as a means of understanding the mystique of the phenomena that encircled and formulated the nature of the universe. A gifted teacher who drove and propelled, by conveying the secrecy of the physical and the chemical realms. Pauling was more profound in his approach to pacifism and the advocacy of peace despite the ever malignant reality of modern warfare taking its international toll. An advocate for both the nature of the chemical bond and the pacifism that defined a humane and civilised society, the figure of inquisition and inquiry. A mind copious with the intellectual energies that enriched the spirit and allowed ideas to sprout from every possible angle. The preeminent symbol of scientific endeavor that advanced and provoked our contemporaries and challenged the dogma that constricted and proved an insurmountable hurdle. A paradigm at the pinnacle of an odyssey to master and conquer the realities, from every approachable angle. The exploits of a chemist that transfigured the chemistry of the biological and the physical. Exploits that proved invaluable to the provoking of an intellectual golden age. A rebirth of the frontiers seems the ideal term to capture the crux of Pauling's legacy, one shrouded with eloquence and potential both intellectually and personally. Apart from his intellectual glamour was a movement that advocated the consumption of copious vitamin doses, triggering unflattering responses from those of the medical establishment. But considering his exploits holistically reveals a tapestry immersed in the essences of knowledge and knowing. The culmination of chemist and chemical bond, the unsurpassed odyssey of a revered and a preeminent figure, bound by an undying passion to master, document and demystify.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Qualia-The Subjective Experience

Consciousness spans a pedigree of inquiry and inquisition both novel and traditional. A textbook example of a time-honoured attempt to disseminate and conquer the frontier of perception. The subjective faculty behind the objective and the preeminent outlook onto the thought oriented endeavor to understand and crack the rudiments of a conundrum. An enigma spanning the likes of the conceiving, perceiving and inquiring mind, a frontier many remain acquainted with few giving the fullest of play. The logic of consciousness remains a prominent instance of a conundrum that has transfigured our perception of its tenets, form and function. A logic with a subjective basis that seeks the essence of the reality, one that has foreseen paradigm-shifting proportions. And at the midst of such an intellectual pandemonium is the establishment of a supreme tenet, the realm of qualia. For when one ponders the rudiments of a subjective experience such as the more renowned 'redness of red' and 'painfulness of pain' hypotheses, one truly pores over the sheer rudiments of the yearning for a logic of consciousness. A yearning spanning the frontiers of novelty and tradition, an intellectual feat of the highest stature, regard and acclaim. Qualia elucidates the finer rudiments of consciousnesses through the expression of a subjective experience, a route of feeling, thought and emotion in opposition to the materialistic and static nature of an objective route. For consciousness is indeed an abundant, a copious and a perplexing reality of being and the approaching of it via the application of a multi-faceted frame of reference seems the ideal and thorough means of dissection. The dissection of the intangible force consciousness proves presents an unprecedented approach, one that pushes the philosophical envelope further than ever. Qualia initiates an installment to an immemorial enigma, with the analysis of the subjective frame of reference, in conjunction with known physiologic form and function. Quite deceitful in such an analysis is the plethora of effects a subjective and conscious experience may endow, deceiving the thinker in its potential for solving the secret of consciousness and placing his intellect in a position of detriment. So with the effect of arousal and perception out of the equation, we are left to ponder the intrinsic logic of a mechanism shrouded in perplexity after perplexity. The key lies in the true structure over substance approach. Where with the specialty of genetics, the double helices hold the key to understanding the intricacy of the human genome, Qualia offers a route to uncovering and conquering the problem of consciousness through the subjective experience. And while qualia may be one of the myriad paths to the same summit, its finely crafted tapestry and philosophical perpetuation  has produced an enduring outcome in the midst of solving the conundrum. A conundrum that counters the materialist, objective approach to a subjectively significant reality of perception. And for as long as the physicist fails to capture the logic of colour through his objective insight on that of light-waves and physiologist fails to capture it through the  processes of optical nerve bundles, we turn the tables round to qualia.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Information Definition- A Classic Enigma

Information remains preeminent. An intrinsic substance of the universe with parameters surpassing that of matter and energy. A potential foreseen and romanticised yet elusive and ungraspable. The representation of both tapestries of structure and substance, bound by a force that threads interconnection after interconnection. Often equated with the nature of thought, it has come under a profound sensation of mystique and erudition, an enigmatic conundrum out of bounds even to the most scholarly of figures and prodigious of minds. A final, unconquerable frontier; a final installment to an intrinsic philosophy behind the intrinsic essence. But behind the glamorous and prestigious stature of  its enigmatic properties lies a definition yearning to be elucidated and conveyed, just as the coded characters and numeric abstractions convey its finer rudiments. Information seems the product of the informer, the substance of the informed and the critical facet of being as an intelligent entity. For information bears an intrinsic and an extrinsic manifestation, myriad form and function and a defining definition. Yet the third of such poled frames of reference remains of the utmost inquiry and inquisition, the classic and novel conundrum. Simultaneously, we remain deceived by its means of conveyance and the myriad forms it manifests as the junction towards that of a defining definition. Inhibited by the understanding of matter and energy as parameters of the universal significance, but seduced by the governance of matter and energy by an intrinsic universal substance, information. And as we converge nearer and nearer to such a defining definition through the potential of inquisition, we converge onto frontiers never before ventured in search of the crux of the solution. Information is worthy not solely an analytical dissection but one in conjunction with a theoretical, philosophical and universal outlook. In addition, one must conceive beyond the apparent reality and envision a marriage of domains, the union between structure, substance and erudition just as the junction between matter, energy and information. Inseparable aspects of a universe bound by varying colour, shape and proportion; critical and invaluable tenets of a critical and invaluable enigma. For the very stalk that leads to the sprawling root of accessible and attainable frontiers remains both the intrinsic and extrinsic means to the defining end. Information possesses a value and a defining worth, one that paints the portrait of a compelling and enlightening yet excessively elusive and perplexing fundamental of thought, being and the known universe. The classic enigma remains not merely the defining, penetrating and illustrious definition but the path that leads to conquering it from every approachable angle. It remains not a deduction or derivative from philosophical or a thought oriented intellectual affair but a rudiment of universal proportion and intrinsic value. Information remains lively and fiery, copious and abundant with the defining definition, the novel and classic enigmatic conundrum that has seized our usual perception of substance and replaced it with the yearning to crack it...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Intelligent Design- Beyond Irreducible Complexity

Laced with complexity and ingenuity from every approachable angle. Immersed in a sea of intricate and elaborate proportion, doused with a splendor of features both novel and classic. Elucidating that of transcendence, the order of design and purpose. While manifesting the empirical and the observable it has produced a logical inference to seek the reality beyond the apparent reality. The advent of intelligent design has foreseen implications both controversial and paradigm-shifting within and around the annals and practice of science. A movement that stands not as the deduction of a denomination nor a religious authority, rather a rational and logical approach to the plethora of phenomena at hand. Challenging the conviction that a blind and undirected process gave rise to structure and substance. But what remains at the intellectual heart and mind, the sheer crux of intelligent design is the nature, form and function of design. Design as an independent reality has been the subject of profound of analysis, having been branded as a powerfully suggestive illusion by some and as the interaction of components serving purpose by the others. Verily, the overall interaction of the components, fulfilling a purpose has been at the essence of intelligent design. At the heart of design remains a rational cause and by a rational, intelligent agent. There has been a copious volume of individuals, both within and around the scientific community that have championed such a conviction of design, finding intricacy and elaborateness from the flagella of minute cellular entities to digital information embodied upon the spine of macro-molecules. But the enigma remains as to what the definitive intelligent design is and what biological or physical phenomena are best explained through a rational cause and an intelligent, conscious agent. The principle of irreducible complexity has become a notable proponent of such an intelligent design conviction, with the complexity of systems being far too intricate to have evolved from simpler and primitive components. The crux of the matter remains the prospect that components of every shape, colour and proportion must be present in unison in order that the end mechanism may function. More profound is the instance of the bacterial flagellum with its striking resemblance of a rotary engine, the representation of an efficient biological mechanism bound by a rational cause and ordained by an intelligent designer. This being a inference, remains the most logical interpretation of empirical and observable phenomena. For it remains lucid and rational that with every design there remains a designer, for every mechanism their remains a mechanic and behind every complexity is a far more perplexing and striking reality. Such a conviction of intelligent design seems under fire and hostility by the assault of the skeptic, an adverse scientific conviction that challenges the state of intelligent design as a science. But when one pores over the empirical basis and the logical inferring that follows, there is an intellectual and a practical promotion of the crux of the scientific methodologies, one that is universal and compatible. A logical, rational and scientific conviction that an intelligent, a rational and conscious agent remains behind the intricacy and the elaborateness...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Biomechanics- A Science of Movement

The extremities ignited into action as the contractions of the ligaments and tendons worked in unison with the forces of nature. A culmination of the mechanical, the physical and the biological into an expression of absolute majesty and elaborateness. The science behind the often rudimentary and elementary of dynamic movement. A search for structure over substance, a quest to dissecting and conquering the multitude of biological marvel at the heart of mechanical principle. A preeminent approach to an eloquent contractions, pushes and pulls that formulate the crux of the moment. Biomechanics remains a discipline centered on an undying quest, an incessant passion to anatomising and documenting the sheer technicalities of movement, the dynamic forces that entail them and the junction between the mechanical and the biological. Such biological marvels forming a substantial portion of the mechanical realm and the physical reality that entails form and function. A biomechanical quest remains an expedition to conquering such meticulous dynamics of movements and force. Armed with the flow of pressure, kinetic and potential energy, the limitations seem nonexistent on a frontier of movement. More profound remains the dynamics on a mechanical level with the physiologic processes at a biological level, a marriage and intimacy, where a duo of frontiers combine seamlessly. Biomechanics propelled and projected at anatomising and documenting the elements that constitute and form, the mechanics behind the mechanism. A mechanism bound and closely governed by the intrinsic forces of nature and the form and function of a living, and moving body. Apart from the interdisciplinary implications, biomechanics maintains a holistic reductionist outlook. Dissecting movement into its core components and proceeding with observing the phenomena at hand. Profound, diverse and flourishing movements coupled with an unprecedented view gives rise to a landscape beyond motion. A reality and a frontier surpassing the apparent and culminating to a transcendent order. In addition, the entire conception of movement as a mere transfiguration of position or location is rudimentary when one considers the interactions of components, forces, energies and stimuli that constitute even to the simplest of biomechanical form and function. It remains worthy of remark to ponder not the solely the intricacy and elaborateness but also the beauty and elegance that arise from every thrust of a force and contraction of a tendon. The innate and intrinsic tapestry of biomechanical proportion and worth. As much as movement is paramount is the focal point at which nature, force and matter integrate unanimously in a single uncompromising, biomechanical package...

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Reductionism- The 'Eruditious' Feud

The mechanics behind the mechanism remain well-defined and documented. Tenets that formulate, the facets that constitute and the building blocks that lie deep within the elaborateness seem the very junction between that of understanding and erudition. The components that define and enrich, initiate and function in unison with each other remain an almost infallible means of conquering the end-product from every approachable angle. A critical and analytical outlook of those frontiers and their individual components reveals a powerhouse labyrinth of integrated circuity and design. A circuity that we attempt  to master by dissecting the sheer components that conform to its form, function and being. The advent of Reductionism as both a philosophical and scientific movement has foreseen paradigm-shifting proportions that have held considerable implications. Implications that have transfigured our traditional approach to thought, wisdom and intellect. But on the surface, reductionism maintains a conviction to understanding the nature of things through their reduction into their rudiments and fundamental components. Deep within such a philosophy of understanding is a timeless and classic feud with a sister principle that holds the uncompromising crux of knowing. Simultaneously, it has arisen from the likes of those who have maintained their reductionist ideology and method. Holism remains such a counterpart, with its means of dissection bent on the appreciation of the greater whole, the fuller reality. And in the midst of such an intellectual and philosophical feud is the prospect that with reductionism comes an understanding of the mechanics and that with holism arises an understanding of the conjecture, the reality or frontier at hand as an uncompromising whole. More importantly remains the intrinsic crux, the essence of the erudition and the plethora of states it is manifested through. In addition, the conundrum remains whether one as a thinker and as an intellectual should consider the latter or the former, for reductionism or holism and the marriage of two contradictory realms in a seamless and profound fashion. Such a fashion crafted elegantly from the likes of the mechanics of the reductionist with the entirety of the holistic. But if such a combination of 'holistic reductionism' were to be conceived, queries arise as to how it manifests itself as a revolutionary turning point in the nature of understanding. Questions arise as to its consistency, its colour and proportion and the means by which it may be dissected as if it were a living species. Such an approach is analogous to that of a tree, with its branching roots and sprawling leaves; the holistic sees a being that is both whole and flourishing. The reductionist foresees the intricate biochemistry, the anatomy and physiological processes that foresee the its processes as a living species. The beauty of such an approach comes with the marriage of holism with reductionism, the unity between the flourishing whole roots and sprawling leaves and the intricate biochemistry coupled with the anatomy and physiologic happening. It is a beauty unsurpassed and elegant when one envisions the best of both realms, the crux of both frontiers. An elegance that we may dissect, document and hypothesise and never cease to share an 'eruditious' feud.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mysticism- Immanent Transcendence

Armed with the traditional spices of sensation and the fine condiments of consciousness, the limitations seem non-existent in a realm of perception. The regularities and irregularities remain measurable and ever conquerable in conjunction with the intricacy and elaborateness. The culmination of our innate potential, the short-comings of our mastery and the elements that constitute ton our reach of the realities and the frontiers. The faculty of mysticism remains a direct expression of such a perception. A perception that seeks to fulfill a higher, immanent and transcendent order of being. The potential that seeks the reality beyond that of the apparent reality. But beyond the conjectures and hypotheses, there is an excessively natural and unadulterated perception of mysticism that is surpassing of our intrinsic capacity. A mysticism that seeks the mystique from the essence. For the mystic remains the articulation of the understanding of the transcendent architecture of the reality. For as long a we brand the indescribable, the inexplicable or phenomenal as the pinnacle of mysticism, we are in dire need to converge on those mystic frontiers in search of an uncompromising state of enlightenment. Philosophically, we are restricted to the havens and boundaries of thought and the meticulous contemplation it evokes. While when one turns the tables round towards that of the metaphysical and cosmological states, he remains doused with the spirit of mysticism. Fundamentally, such a model would be feasible is the mystic realities we speak and write of lacked the mystique that constitutes to their form and function. The thinker recognises a realm where the spices of sensation and the fine condiments of perception are devoid of impurity and abundant in the fiery and flavoursome spirit. But mysticism remains that traditional means to an end. An indefinite end to solving the complexities that lie deep in the havens of our perception of reality. A personal rather than an impersonal approach to combating the plague of dogma and insidious convention. For as long as we possess the junction between our perception and the myriad realities at its core, we are in possession of the crux, the sheer essence behind the mysticism. Mysticism being the root at which the inexplicable and indescribable lie.