Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Information Definition- A Classic Enigma

Information remains preeminent. An intrinsic substance of the universe with parameters surpassing that of matter and energy. A potential foreseen and romanticised yet elusive and ungraspable. The representation of both tapestries of structure and substance, bound by a force that threads interconnection after interconnection. Often equated with the nature of thought, it has come under a profound sensation of mystique and erudition, an enigmatic conundrum out of bounds even to the most scholarly of figures and prodigious of minds. A final, unconquerable frontier; a final installment to an intrinsic philosophy behind the intrinsic essence. But behind the glamorous and prestigious stature of  its enigmatic properties lies a definition yearning to be elucidated and conveyed, just as the coded characters and numeric abstractions convey its finer rudiments. Information seems the product of the informer, the substance of the informed and the critical facet of being as an intelligent entity. For information bears an intrinsic and an extrinsic manifestation, myriad form and function and a defining definition. Yet the third of such poled frames of reference remains of the utmost inquiry and inquisition, the classic and novel conundrum. Simultaneously, we remain deceived by its means of conveyance and the myriad forms it manifests as the junction towards that of a defining definition. Inhibited by the understanding of matter and energy as parameters of the universal significance, but seduced by the governance of matter and energy by an intrinsic universal substance, information. And as we converge nearer and nearer to such a defining definition through the potential of inquisition, we converge onto frontiers never before ventured in search of the crux of the solution. Information is worthy not solely an analytical dissection but one in conjunction with a theoretical, philosophical and universal outlook. In addition, one must conceive beyond the apparent reality and envision a marriage of domains, the union between structure, substance and erudition just as the junction between matter, energy and information. Inseparable aspects of a universe bound by varying colour, shape and proportion; critical and invaluable tenets of a critical and invaluable enigma. For the very stalk that leads to the sprawling root of accessible and attainable frontiers remains both the intrinsic and extrinsic means to the defining end. Information possesses a value and a defining worth, one that paints the portrait of a compelling and enlightening yet excessively elusive and perplexing fundamental of thought, being and the known universe. The classic enigma remains not merely the defining, penetrating and illustrious definition but the path that leads to conquering it from every approachable angle. It remains not a deduction or derivative from philosophical or a thought oriented intellectual affair but a rudiment of universal proportion and intrinsic value. Information remains lively and fiery, copious and abundant with the defining definition, the novel and classic enigmatic conundrum that has seized our usual perception of substance and replaced it with the yearning to crack it...

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  1. I have pored over a revelation. 'Information is stimuli that has meaning in some context for its receiver'. While this may remain a mere candidate for a defining definition of information, it seems the most logical and rational.