Friday, 20 April 2012

Qualia-The Subjective Experience

Consciousness spans a pedigree of inquiry and inquisition both novel and traditional. A textbook example of a time-honoured attempt to disseminate and conquer the frontier of perception. The subjective faculty behind the objective and the preeminent outlook onto the thought oriented endeavor to understand and crack the rudiments of a conundrum. An enigma spanning the likes of the conceiving, perceiving and inquiring mind, a frontier many remain acquainted with few giving the fullest of play. The logic of consciousness remains a prominent instance of a conundrum that has transfigured our perception of its tenets, form and function. A logic with a subjective basis that seeks the essence of the reality, one that has foreseen paradigm-shifting proportions. And at the midst of such an intellectual pandemonium is the establishment of a supreme tenet, the realm of qualia. For when one ponders the rudiments of a subjective experience such as the more renowned 'redness of red' and 'painfulness of pain' hypotheses, one truly pores over the sheer rudiments of the yearning for a logic of consciousness. A yearning spanning the frontiers of novelty and tradition, an intellectual feat of the highest stature, regard and acclaim. Qualia elucidates the finer rudiments of consciousnesses through the expression of a subjective experience, a route of feeling, thought and emotion in opposition to the materialistic and static nature of an objective route. For consciousness is indeed an abundant, a copious and a perplexing reality of being and the approaching of it via the application of a multi-faceted frame of reference seems the ideal and thorough means of dissection. The dissection of the intangible force consciousness proves presents an unprecedented approach, one that pushes the philosophical envelope further than ever. Qualia initiates an installment to an immemorial enigma, with the analysis of the subjective frame of reference, in conjunction with known physiologic form and function. Quite deceitful in such an analysis is the plethora of effects a subjective and conscious experience may endow, deceiving the thinker in its potential for solving the secret of consciousness and placing his intellect in a position of detriment. So with the effect of arousal and perception out of the equation, we are left to ponder the intrinsic logic of a mechanism shrouded in perplexity after perplexity. The key lies in the true structure over substance approach. Where with the specialty of genetics, the double helices hold the key to understanding the intricacy of the human genome, Qualia offers a route to uncovering and conquering the problem of consciousness through the subjective experience. And while qualia may be one of the myriad paths to the same summit, its finely crafted tapestry and philosophical perpetuation  has produced an enduring outcome in the midst of solving the conundrum. A conundrum that counters the materialist, objective approach to a subjectively significant reality of perception. And for as long as the physicist fails to capture the logic of colour through his objective insight on that of light-waves and physiologist fails to capture it through the  processes of optical nerve bundles, we turn the tables round to qualia.

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