Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Biomechanics- A Science of Movement

The extremities ignited into action as the contractions of the ligaments and tendons worked in unison with the forces of nature. A culmination of the mechanical, the physical and the biological into an expression of absolute majesty and elaborateness. The science behind the often rudimentary and elementary of dynamic movement. A search for structure over substance, a quest to dissecting and conquering the multitude of biological marvel at the heart of mechanical principle. A preeminent approach to an eloquent contractions, pushes and pulls that formulate the crux of the moment. Biomechanics remains a discipline centered on an undying quest, an incessant passion to anatomising and documenting the sheer technicalities of movement, the dynamic forces that entail them and the junction between the mechanical and the biological. Such biological marvels forming a substantial portion of the mechanical realm and the physical reality that entails form and function. A biomechanical quest remains an expedition to conquering such meticulous dynamics of movements and force. Armed with the flow of pressure, kinetic and potential energy, the limitations seem nonexistent on a frontier of movement. More profound remains the dynamics on a mechanical level with the physiologic processes at a biological level, a marriage and intimacy, where a duo of frontiers combine seamlessly. Biomechanics propelled and projected at anatomising and documenting the elements that constitute and form, the mechanics behind the mechanism. A mechanism bound and closely governed by the intrinsic forces of nature and the form and function of a living, and moving body. Apart from the interdisciplinary implications, biomechanics maintains a holistic reductionist outlook. Dissecting movement into its core components and proceeding with observing the phenomena at hand. Profound, diverse and flourishing movements coupled with an unprecedented view gives rise to a landscape beyond motion. A reality and a frontier surpassing the apparent and culminating to a transcendent order. In addition, the entire conception of movement as a mere transfiguration of position or location is rudimentary when one considers the interactions of components, forces, energies and stimuli that constitute even to the simplest of biomechanical form and function. It remains worthy of remark to ponder not the solely the intricacy and elaborateness but also the beauty and elegance that arise from every thrust of a force and contraction of a tendon. The innate and intrinsic tapestry of biomechanical proportion and worth. As much as movement is paramount is the focal point at which nature, force and matter integrate unanimously in a single uncompromising, biomechanical package...

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