Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mysticism- Immanent Transcendence

Armed with the traditional spices of sensation and the fine condiments of consciousness, the limitations seem non-existent in a realm of perception. The regularities and irregularities remain measurable and ever conquerable in conjunction with the intricacy and elaborateness. The culmination of our innate potential, the short-comings of our mastery and the elements that constitute ton our reach of the realities and the frontiers. The faculty of mysticism remains a direct expression of such a perception. A perception that seeks to fulfill a higher, immanent and transcendent order of being. The potential that seeks the reality beyond that of the apparent reality. But beyond the conjectures and hypotheses, there is an excessively natural and unadulterated perception of mysticism that is surpassing of our intrinsic capacity. A mysticism that seeks the mystique from the essence. For the mystic remains the articulation of the understanding of the transcendent architecture of the reality. For as long a we brand the indescribable, the inexplicable or phenomenal as the pinnacle of mysticism, we are in dire need to converge on those mystic frontiers in search of an uncompromising state of enlightenment. Philosophically, we are restricted to the havens and boundaries of thought and the meticulous contemplation it evokes. While when one turns the tables round towards that of the metaphysical and cosmological states, he remains doused with the spirit of mysticism. Fundamentally, such a model would be feasible is the mystic realities we speak and write of lacked the mystique that constitutes to their form and function. The thinker recognises a realm where the spices of sensation and the fine condiments of perception are devoid of impurity and abundant in the fiery and flavoursome spirit. But mysticism remains that traditional means to an end. An indefinite end to solving the complexities that lie deep in the havens of our perception of reality. A personal rather than an impersonal approach to combating the plague of dogma and insidious convention. For as long as we possess the junction between our perception and the myriad realities at its core, we are in possession of the crux, the sheer essence behind the mysticism. Mysticism being the root at which the inexplicable and indescribable lie.

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