Friday, 30 March 2012

Silk upon Linen- The Thought Tapestry

Thought remains a reality beyond contemplation. It stands as the direct expression of our sagacity, our mastery and prowess. The preeminent means of attaining a coherent and uncompromising outlook through a realm of intangible yet compelling proportions. It remains the expression of curiosity while upholding a sensation of uncompromising inquisition and inquiry. Thought remains an ever transcendent end to a myriad and indefinite means. The means to conquer from every approachable angle the frontiers of erudition and wisdom, intellect and the penetrative reasoning behind the satisfaction of knowing; the majesty of perception and conception. But as long as we processed and digested such a paradigm we remained in dire need of a means to express the expression of thought. A means to illuminate the myriad interconnections behind the erudition and contemplation. A systematic approach to defining a reality deemed unconquerable, defining a frontier that defined every dimension of the sphere. And as the nexus solved such a likely conundrum, our philosophical appetite yearns for a higher and transcendent order of varying colour and proportion; a surpassing and paradigm-shifting potency. Thought produced not the conjectures for which such hypothetical models are based, but rather the essence and the abstractions that give rise to inquisition and inquiry. For thought is simultaneously a process, a reality and a manifestation of boundless capacity and dexterity. A reality with a score of bases, from philosophical to mystical and physiological. But as we delve deeper into that of the interconnections of the nexus we seem to be mesmerised and caught in the ecstasy of its meticulous form and function. We possess all the defining components yet we are compelled and driven to perpetuate a profound stance surpassing that of the novel and pristine. That pristine revolution remains the essence of beauty and elegance. The eloquence and appeal that arises from a visual manifestation is readily evident within and around some of the most abstract of abstractions. An elegance exceeding the boundaries of allure and charm, a beauty beyond that of the tangible and apparent. A fine tapestry and a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind. The thought tapestry places a definitive intrinsic beauty upon the nature of thought. An expression of thought as the weaving of thread upon the loom of inquiry and inquisition. The marriage of the linen of erudition with the silk of luminescence. The tapestry is a profound expression of such elegance and allure, the uncompromising beauty and potential. For if one is to ponder he may capture and grasp the sheer rudiments of the reality, but if he is compelled to ponder further he is on the verge of crafting the linen upon the silk. The thought tapestry may be conceived as a successor to the nexus, but when one pores over their mechanics and the mechanisms they formulate, one is devoid of a spasmodic being and blessed with a radiant sheen...

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