Sunday, 25 March 2012

Biochemistry- Dissecting the Secrecy of Life

Life remains ever living, breathing and processing. The marriage of internal processes in an uncompromising fashion, giving rise to action upon reaction. An intricate labyrinth of organic wonder bound by an organic worth. A boundless institution of the physical self, the biological expression of the molecular and atomic frontiers. A fine tapestry, doused liberally and furnished with minute wonders of incalculable significance. Life at the most profound of approachable angles, the zenith of physiologic form and function. Uncompromising and thoroughly thrilling, it seeks on a consistent basis the intrinsic key to unlocking the sheer secrecy of life. Biochemistry is undeniably worthy of an intimate account and a dissection that seeks to disseminate the elaborateness and the majesty of an institution abundant with inquiry and inquisition. An art of biological and chemical stature, the means by which we can anatomise some of the most meticulous of biological function into a set of elementary yet fundamental processes. Biochemistry remains the end to an infinite means. The means to furnish and adorn the very annals of thought with a firm standing in the sciences and specialties of life. For life remains fiery on a plethora of approaches and such approaches are bound by a biochemical destiny. A destiny that is both sound and sustaining of erudition. Such erudition is indicative of nature as a force copious with phenomena that yearns a definitive explanation, phenomena that many may document, describe or even propagate but none remain to conquer. Biochemically, life is a multitude of such phenomena, working in an absolute state of unison to ordain the organism and its constituents. Phenomena that sends fiery nervous impulses across cellular bodies or entails molecular wonders we have yet to become acquainted with. It remains biochemistry that seeks to conquer the mystique of life, the secrecy behind what allows life such a state of preeminence, a state of stature and caliber. The very marriage of the molecular with the cellular, Biochemistry forms a fine tapestry of equilibrium that allows such realities to fabricate an art. But beyond such biochemical wonders is an ever immanent and transcendent force that is in absolute governance and authority. The compelling, driving and penetrating factor beyond the fission, fusion and metabolism. The factor shrouded with secrecy across all fronts whether novel or traditional. A factor met with denial and speculation, yet remains perpetuated by the organism and the myriad of biochemical phenomena at the core of its being. Biochemistry is at the heart of such a factor, its evolved being as the decoder of biochemical code entailing far more than atomically significant compounds. The essence of the reality, the fortification of the miraculous reality of life. The thread on which biochemical miracle is strung, the words on which biochemical wonder is penned...

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