Friday, 2 March 2012

DNA- The Molecular Frontier

File:ADN animation.gifAn infinite nexus of genetic proportion. A labyrinth of instruction and erudition forming the basis of the biospherical realm. Double-helixed and interwoven, it remains inconceivable and intangible to the organism that harbors it and the biological marvel it sustains and perpetuates. Bound by an intelligent design and an unparalleled architecture few can ascribe and none can emulate. The culmination of the essence of biological being, an impeccable representation of the divine reality behind its meticulous molecular form and function. The host of an uncompromising wealth of information, the harborer of wisdom in a dialect foreign to its analysts and academics. The symbolic molecular frontier, doused liberally with wonder and miraculous phenomena. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) remains a frontier, an entity and a biological marvel of which its dissection on the intellectual front will yield an invaluable essence. The essence of a frontier governing our physiologic and genetic dimension. As as macromolecular body, DNA is both intriguing and provocative from the very instance one gazes analytically at its unparalleled form and reasons by its biological marvel. A compilation of complex and perplexing molecular and atomic compounds in conjunction with a rather eccentric anatomy. The basis for the fundamentals of hereditary and inheritance. What brings DNA to such a state of intellectual, scientific and literary prominence is undeniably the multitude of biological information and instruction at the core of its role throughout the myriad of physiologic processes that sustain an organism. Its genetic proportion evokes a state of intrigue and euphoria as a frontier remaining both converged and unconquered simultaneously. Its double-helix form evoking a state of wonder and mysticism. How a molecular frontier resembling that of a ladder with rungs encapsulates a divine signature, a divine impression of intelligent design. This surpasses that of the clash between the evolutionist and the creationist, it remains a preeminent and uncompromising strand of indisputable scientific and genetic evidence perpetuating the stances of the intelligent design. Intelligent design is explicit from every molecular formation of every nucleotide and manifest as the prospect of the information it harbors brings doubt across the claims of a genesis determined by chance and probability. DNA remains the cream of the genetic crop, the pinnacle of the molecular frontier and the substantiation of intelligent design. For as long as we continue to churn inevitable breakthroughs throughout the specialties of genetics and the hereditary sciences, we shall arrive at an avenue of which the human genome is transfigured. The genome will become the accessible, attainable and 'portrayble' reality, of genetic proportion. DNA seems the barrier, as the decoding of its information and genetic instruction remains the conquering of a molecular powerhouse. The complexity of a molecule both abundant and copious with biological matter foresees its marriage with similar molecules of complexity. The macromolecular and nucleic realities of RNA (Ribonucleic acid) and Proteins draw an evident biological fabric from which all organisms indiscriminate of their size or genetic variation stem. A being surpassing that of the immanent and transcendent, the higher order. And DNA portrays a textbook example of that intelligent design, gene by gene; molecule by molecule and atom by atom. A design unsurpassed, exhibiting the intellect and infinite capacity of a creator. And as we converge further into an advent of rapid and controversial stances concerning the human genome and the DNA that constitutes to its form and function, much remains to be conquered and dissected. A molecular frontier, serving as fertile ground for those futuristic ventures...

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