Saturday, 10 March 2012

Margaret Mead- The Zenith of Anthropology

The inventory of ethos that defines our orientation. An evident line of custom, ethic and moral code that illustrates the tapestry of diversity with a cultural theme. The zenith of our conception, the challenging of the paradigms that define and forge. Bound by a sensation superfluous with flavour and copious with a substantial degree of eloquence. What sets the fine line between our primitive and the developed nature, the boundaries by which we live, prosper and perish. And at the centre, the very nucleus stands the symbolic statement of that example, on a cultural frontier. The sheer essence of a reality doused liberally with the quintessence of humanity and the facets of being that accompany it. What penned this cultural revolution was nothing short of individual. A masterful and provocative exploitation of the tangible and intangible resources at hand. The composition of a tapestry centered and bent around a theme of anthropological worth. Margaret Mead remains the dignitary and instigator of such a revolution. Armed with the traditional means, she set out to compare, challenge and rethink the ethos of her day; formulating a controversial yet flourishing account of a society overlooked in form and function. Mead remains deeply rooted throughout the specialty of cultural anthropology for the profound image she perpetuated. An individual of an inquisitive and inquiring nature, one that can forge a correlation between her specialty and her personality. Undeniably, a faculty of intrigue is Mead's documentation of the social, ethical and psychological constituents of the Samoan sociological model. Mead's dexterity and capacity to document such cultural ethos in the deepest of detail in her anthropological work, Coming of Age in Samoa. The perception of the cultural scientist and enthusiastic as an individual of challenge and comparison. Mead was driven towards the central prospect of providing a definitive basis for the challenges that vex the adolescent. Her examination and critical dissection of both realms of 'civilised' and 'primitive' remains a taboo-breaking stance in both modern and ancient circumstances. It was Mead psychological examination of this cultural sensation that illuminated the sheer mentality at the heart of these ethos. The mentality that drove, provoked and perpetuated the realities of tradition and custom, the essences of any society. Mead was a preeminent representation that while 'courtesy, modesty and good manners' were universal tenets, what constitutes to these tenets is varying among peoples and their societies. A variable across the mentality, the driver and motivator bound by those ethos. Anthropology as a specialty remains much like the vocation of sociology; a scientific, theoretical and empirical analysis of those cultural facets that constitute to a people just as the socio-economic tenets constitute to that of society. Beyond the sociological and anthropological implications, Mead fueled a personal intrigue and an obsession that would evoke the memorable stances of many and would attract copious volumes of skepticism and controversy. For it remains the controversial implications that foster fertile ground for the critically minded. The impending yet final verdict when one approaches Mead's academia with an open yet critical mind is paramount for her credibility. A credibility many yearn to attain, few capture and capitalise and many compromise and adulterate. The zenith of any intellectual and academic scholarly pursuit which founded the enduring legacy of an anthropologist of temperament and intrigue...

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