Friday, 16 March 2012

Jonas Salk- Father of Immunity

A figure of absolute regard, acclaim and serenity. One who transfigured landscapes pertaining to that of his therapeutic aptitude and his humanitarian temperament. An individual noted deep within the annals of his discipline and his society. The definitive preeminence and its marriage with humility, morality and scientific prowess. Unsurpassed and ever-copious with the twin realties of intellect and wisdom. The summit of ingenuity, intuition and intervention; a culminating figure of dexterity. Jonas Salk persists a charisma worthy of an intimate dissection. A physician of incalculable capacity and distinct atribute. Salk as a figure of intrigue boasts the discovery that metamorphosed the public perception and conception of immunity and the acclaim of the humanitarian. An enduring legacy of tireless research in conjunction with an uncompromising motivated self foresaw an evident line of revolutionary proportion. Salk evoked a spirit of scientific and medical 'renaissance' with the pioneering of immunologic technique such as the polio vaccine and laid the critical foundations of subsequent ventures. A critical hallmark in the making of a prominent humanitarian, the promoter of wellbeing and stability. Salk saw fit in his research, not solely for the therapeutic implication but as a direct result of a rivalry within the establishment. The marathon-oriented rush for a polio vaccination during the series of epidemic during the fifties drove the rivalry for ingenuity and creativity. Salk remained at both the former and the latter, coupling his aptitude as a researching physician with the creative humanitarian implications of a vaccine. He established a specialty, unwritten yet lively and fiery in the hearts and minds of those who were affiliated and affected by his career. Salk exhibited the prospect of the researching physician at the epicentre of clinical practice and not as an an alienated member of the establishment. A notion of personal and public worth, a regard intrinsic rather than adulterated; an acclaim unsurpassed and fluid. The humanitarian basis for his research indicative of a desire to ordain a gain not of financial and monetary terms but rather the zenith of medicine and the realities central to its principles and practice. Salk's temperament as a humanitarian remained deeply rooted throughout a personal conviction, a compelling drive to conquer the unconquerable, cure the incurable. A legacy vast  and provocative that draws a seamless relation between that of the inspired and that of the inspirational. A junction between the provoked and the provocative. The channel towards a greater state of wisdom and intellect. Salk exemplified such tenets in an uncompromising fashion and foresaw the versatility of such stances on the personal and the public frontiers.

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