Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Psycopathy- Paradigm Shifting Proportions

The potential of human behavior remains well documented throughout the literature. An unprecedented outlook into the extents and extremes that shape, mould and forge the capacity of ones will. Bound by the obsession and intellectualism of modern research, the advent of a lack of this defining paradigm leaves one to ponder and evaluate the current status of psychology. Whether in its preceding or subsequent form, both the public and esoteric interest spirally round that of the psychopath remains provocative and exceedingly worthy of a critique. One that will outline the moral failure or triumph and the sheer essence of the focal point of human behavior. Currently, the term 'psychopath' is often pegged to an envisioning of the serial murder, an individual whose sadistic trends earn him a fate deep within the realm of capital punishment. However, it is the pathological lack of empathy and regard for the critical interests of others that stands as an ever encompassing definitive psychopathy. Such a state of mind and being that surpasses the ordinary boundaries by which the psyche and the conscience are governed. The limits to which one can dwell and express. The very pathological lack of empathy and regard stands as the paradigm shift in a dawn where the mind is in a state of intense scrutiny and premise. Psychopathy as a psychological and a neurological term is intimately related to that of the intangible and tangible respectively. With an analysis of ones personal nature and being on the psychological frontier and an outlook of physiologic phenomena one the neurological front. The sheer extents to which an individual is confined to and governed has intrigued the preeminent intellectual history immemorial. And the very basis for that state of governance seems non-existent throughout the perplexing dimension of the psychopath. The paradigm shift pertaining to that of psychopathy is nothing more than a centering of the focal point of human nature in a state of regard and empathy. Particularly when one is plagued, pathologically with this regard for ones fellow individual. In addition, the myriad of specialties making their impressions within and around that of the tangible brain remain in a state of capitalisation. The exploitation of the psychopath remains an intimate dissection of those facets of behavior we speculate as possessing a mystique, behavioral of proportions indescribable. Behavior is an expression of the innate and the forged self, a psyche eclectic and a derivative of a myriad of sources and essences. The projection and exhibiting of that lack of regard to a pathological extent is indicative of the extent of human behavior. For the human is indeed an illustrious organism, of which its intellectual, social, political and personal paradigms have dictated its stances and advances. To understand those advances is to understand that organism and to under stand the organism on the intellectual frontier one must dissect to paradigms of which it is bound and held. Analogous to such a paradigm is the instance of the psychopath, whose stances as a disregarding and sadistic personality have profoundly transfigured the extents and boundaries the focal point of human nature is bound to. A paradigm of shifting and transfiguring proportion... 

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