Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On the Air-The Prospect of Radio Broadcast

Recently, my ascent to the ranks of community oriented affairs has placed me in a position of inquiry and intrigue. Having established a radio program on the basis of those fundamental tenets that constitute to that of my psyche, much public and personal reception has truly painted the vivid portrait of an immensely powerful and striking medium. A medium where one's articulation places him in a stance of prominence, a medium where an accessible reality can be envisioned in a wealth of forms. Radio broadcast seems to possess an underlying prospect, the very potential; both measurable and immeasurable, present within every avenue of the hour spent in indirect discourse with the listener. For the listener remains the receiver and the presenter, the transmission of boundless streams of wisdom. I have envisioned the potential to profoundly imprint an impression of preeminence, one that sets out to challenge the dogma and set aside the status quo. For when the prospect of hundreds and possibly thousands, floods the psyche, he is compelled to pursue that state of projection, both vocal and psychological. Radio broadcast also seems to shed and douse light upon that of the youth of the community and the thought, wisdom and intellect they harbor as citizens and thinkers. My experiences 'on the air' with many of my colleagues that form an integral facet of the society for which they stand. Their inquisitive mentality, coupled with an intrinsic and innate force seems the very drive; the fluid inspiration that flows liberally. As the presenter, the challenge remains to capture, grasp and enlighten that of the listener. The listener remains compelled to anticipate as his perception of reality is molded temporarily by the stances of the presenter. Running a program with an intellectual theme and orientation remains only the tip of the iceberg as a colossal conviction to perpetuate that spirit of enlightenment becomes paramount. Much personal reward arises as much as the public. with listeners converging on the radio as callers, articulating publically, but making a host of personal references such as the motivating or vilifying of the presenter assumes the bottom line. In a setting of immense pressure and demand, one must stand proficiency and uncompromising with a great deal of stamina and dexterity behind their every word. One must be copious with energy and abundant with a desire to penetrate and exact. From the very instant one has pounded the button of broadcast, he is guided by a free will that pursues excellence and a motivated self. It seems that radio broadcast and the prospect of its potential as a medium of personal and public proportions is both an exacting and penetrative expression of its intrinsic nature. I on a personal front have encountered the inquisitive mind 'on the air' more intimately than on a social scale of narcissists and citizens. For the individual voice stands as provocative, a striking vicegerent of the reasoning and contemplating self. Radio broadcast seems an absolute means to a boundless end, the culmination of the intellect, ethic and the psychology on a public and communal front. A certain intellectual reward also derives from the prospect of radio broadcast. For when one conquers a front, he seems sealed to a state of dejection, as he assumes that he is the sole converger of that front. But when he projects those projections through radio, the listener becomes compelled and a boundless and continuous cycle of intellectual satisfaction is built on a foundation of principle. The very boundless energy of articulation stands as a property of the presenter, a property that compels, motivates and drives. So in turn, that single striking and penetrative reality forms the focal point of mind and matter. A prospect bound by the culmination of the presenter and the listener.

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