Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Modern Nerd- Rewriting a Social Doctrine

He stands hunched. With spectacles perched on his nose and the very odour of toil apparent from every approachable angle. He grasps what seems an asset of intrinsic value, mere books penned by those literary men none have read of. His eyes gaze with wonder as he contemplates upon that of those who have attained a higher social order. Those who produce seamlessly, personalities that capture and grasp the psyche. Those that have raised the stakes, coined their names and left a permanent impression deep within that of the social front. He gazes analytically at those who have and those who will. While he drowns in a pool of disregard and poor acclaim. The advent of the modern nerd has foreseen a revolutionary stance beyond that of the annals of literature. His inception has profoundly transfigured the social scene, composing a sensation of diversity and variety at their very expense of his predecessors. The nerd remains an enigmatic, eccentric and socially dysfunction entity, according to that of the dogma. An individual whose intellectual endeavours seem to repel rather than attract a substantial volume of ‘intrigued’ individuals. A social and personal rivalry resonated, provoked and instigated by the changing climates. If one were to pore over the evolutionary stances assumed by the nerd down through the ages, one would build a correlation. From its maiden usage by preeminent writer Dr Seuss, to its ubiquitous appearance throughout the social circles of more contemporary times; the nerd has evolved and transfigured beyond that of the academic fronts. Mastering the tenets and facets of wisdom, cracking the conundrums of love and emotion and instigating breakthroughs on a frequent basis.  He has become a modern entity, evolved for social function and prowess. Respected and regarded for his talent beyond that of his academic and intellectual endeavours, and for his social profoundness and impression bearing psyche; a self unsurpassed and unparalleled. The nerd as a modern entity, a modern citizen has arisen substantially from the stances of a small but dominate circle of individuals that have chosen to remove those spectacles of social and personal voidness and placed a pristine pair of lenses superfluous with vision and copious with ambition. He has traded in the pocket protector for the pen, converging on a nexus of thought and untucked his shirt in a revolutionary fashion. The modern nerd has been consulted and examined as not a single remnant of his past remains but the unparalleled passion to conquer the unconquerable bound by an endless yearning for knowledge of every shape, colour and proportion. He has conquered the ascent to the summit, the peak of the social hierarchy. Pursuing intellectual excellence alongside the task of emulating those predecessors who forged a timeless doctrine.  The modern nerd, a subject of rigorous examination seems impossible to anatomise. It remains impossible to construct or formulate a physiology of his social and intellectual function or to diagnose a pathology of disorder pertaining to his faults and miscalculations. He has attained a higher, evolved and modified order of perception. An esoteric consciousness fuelled by the ascent of the modern, unadulterated nerd... 


  1. I like this article but I find that you keep the reader in suspense a bit too much because of your extremely short sentences. Me personally, I like it but not throughout the aritcle. I also find that you really need to get to the point, no need to offend you in anyway. In addition, I think you should give more examples of such people and go broader into variety of people of this kind.

    1. Khoder seriously dont talk about other peoples blog.
      It's funny how according to ur blog a new year starts in February . U must be a jealous of better blogs.
      Khoder u really are not funny.

      Oh and Khoder did u finish ur homework

    2. Khoder, it seems the higher order of literature seems foreign to you. Please approach my articles with an inquisitive mind and a literary mentality.

  2. hi guys...
    khoder publish an article...
    nyc post hassan
    first funny one(in a sense)

    and i suppose mr behind the scenes unmasked would be abdilkader (mindgamesandmore.blogspot)