Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Desire- A Facet of Being

Desire remains the definitive stigma. Bound by the entity it entails and the circles of individuals that set out to anatomise its form and function. A critically accesible and attainable facet of being, an undermined faculty of the psyche. The culmination of thought, feeling and emotion on a personal and subjective front. Perpetuating the cravings, inclinations and yearnings that fulfil the self to either a compromising or uncompromising state of being. The summit of human psychology, a faculty of inquiry that continues over a consistant basis to tease the likes of our most preeminent thinkers. Desire is ever worthy of a combination of scrutiny, acclaim and examination.To anatomise and fully dissect the technicalities and eccentricities of desire, one must conquer from every approchable angle the focal point at which one is motivated and driven towards those yearnings and inclinations. A focal point of our individual and collective predisposition in close conjunction with a psychological and a neurologic basis. The very focal point remains the pinnacle of any desire to conquer desire. Desire is a manifestation, a facet and state of being. One driven by neither the electrochemical processes of neurotransmitters but by an ever immanent and transcendent force. The current state of desire throughout many of our academic and intellectual circles is worthy of criticism. Its profound undermining by those theological and religious clerics and the flawed interpretations by those claiming to attain a higher order has significantly and rapidly ressected from its once, premised position in the literature and the annals of thought. The very focal point is a direct representation of the psyche, the self and its state of being. Symbolising the culmination of moral advance or failure, yearning and inclination and a passion of wisdom. It is the very inquiring and inquisitive mind that will recognise a reality of truth and sheer essence through this focal point. A point of the highest essence and concentration that when one sets out to conquer it or document its abstraction he is overwhelmed and mesmerised. Many societies continue to perpetuate this stigma towards that of desire. Labelling it as a disorder, an incurable malady of the heart. The inquisitive minded recognises 'a reality substantial to the world and things and minds. A psyche, a self that when exposed to the intricate proportion of stimuli. The stigma remains reinforced by the over-emphasis of the evil and satanic entities pertaining to that of the self and its inclinations and yearnings. Whereas there remains an incredibly diverse and superfluous expression of the pure and unadulterated self that formulates the focal point. Desire comes much from the unprecedented effects particular stimuli have on the self, from a psychological and mystical front. A catalyst which may reinforce and provoke negatively oriented desire will drive the psyche to such a state of moral failure. But an inhibition that dissolves those negatively oriented drives and reinforce a positive and desirable psychology and a state of being. What must be critically acknowledged is the prospect that the self is an invaluable facet of being and that the numerous attempts by flawed and often compromised approach seek to diminish the sheer essence of desire and its constituents. And as the thinker, the logician seeks to ponder that higher and transcendent reality he converges on those fronts never before ventured.

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