Thursday, 16 February 2012

Clinical Psychology- The Marriage of Disciplines

An intrinsically methodic study. A practice of the mind, bound by the experimentation and observation geared towards the promotion of change. A rapidly transfiguring and changing specialty, one of the mind, conquering the very roots of the psyche. Approaching the myriad of disorder associated with its practice with profound therapy and analysis, preserving and perpetuating the evolutionary stances of its forefathers. A sheer marriage, the unity and eloquent intimacy of the scientific and intellectual frontiers deeply rooted throughout that of the self, the psyche. A practice of personal and psychological proportions bound by an absolute passion to apply a humanistic, behavioral and cognitive basis. The institution of clinical psychology remains a specialty worthy of an analysis from every approachable angle. From its modest origins as a movement for an applied and scientific psychology, to its reputable stances as the largest of the psychological disciplines. It remains both a therapeutic and theoretical art, one crafted from the fields that constitute to its current evolved form and function. Undeniably, one of its most profound developments was copious with an immemorial historical basis. The desire of the self to reason, to think and apply its cognitive function to convey feeling, emotion and the most abstract of abstractions. An intriguing facet of this psychological institution remains the single prospect that the specialty itself was the product of evolutionary and revolutionary stances. The establishment of a psychological laboratories and clinics by the likes of physicians and clinicians such as Wilhelm Wundt and Lightner Witmer sparked a rapidly evolving specialty exploiting the implications of the marriage of disciplines. Marrying and combining the very essences of the disciplines whether intellectual or scientific foresees the institutionalisation of radically new specialties. Specialties that capitalise on the essences of those disciplines in order that a state of equilibrium, homeostasis in the clinical and intellectual sense is reached. The marriage of the sciences, the very theory and clinically oriented wisdom represents the culmination of clinical psychology as the product of such an intimacy. Intimately combining the methodic and systemic approach of the scientific front and uniting it seamlessly with the clinical wisdom that pertains to that of a clinic or a consultant practice. Clinical Psychology remains highly commendable for its dexterity and sheer capacity to delve deeper and deeper into that of the psyche. With the intent of reinforcing the more desirable rather than that of the undesirable and reinforcing psychological health across a myriad of fronts, the significance of the clinic remains close at hand. The clinic as an establishment and an institution goes intimately with the psychological specialty like hand in glove. Intimately related and pertained realities. The evolution of the psychological practise from a mystical, to a physiological and clinical state arose mainly from those dignitaries who toiled and toiled knowingly. With the very germ of a revolutionary concept deeply encapsulated within that of the psyche. The envisioned and pondered, were motivated and driven. Changing and transfiguring a specialties from which the boundaries could be extended further than ever. Psychology in the clinical sense remains a product of the abundant and copious marriages of the disciplines. Those that may differ in their experimentation and observation but share an ever transcendant and immanent unity. That unity remains the purest of essences and the immanence, an innate psychological trait... 


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