Thursday, 22 September 2011

Victor Chang- A Surgeon's Encounter with Miracle and Mortality

He was a flattering image of flair and panache. A pedantic physician dedicated to the combating of some of the most malignant Cardiac-Disorders. His name was Dr. Victor Chang. Such an Australian is an iconic representation of flourishing  medical excellence throughout a multicultural atmosphere. The pioneering of modern heart surgery, transplantation and the development of the artificial heart valve. The University of Sydney graduate was born in Shanghai and has forged a reputation of prominence as an Australian hero. My current study of medical innovation of the past and now are nevertheless shrouded with vivid images of his brutal death, what began as a would-be extortion, robbed the life of one of Australia's most celebrated surgeons.Given the fact that statistics suggest that an Australian dies of Cardiac disease every 23 minutes, the effect is profound. Its level of malignancy and mortality deserving of a position close to brain cancer, the number one cancer killer in paediatrics with its incidence growing at an exponential rate. What can be derived, in short, is the very prospect that with hope, determination and perseverance; the in- achievable becomes executable and the cure might be just down the road, the academic road. And mark my words, the academic road ain't of a smooth nature, its a rough ordeal to earning that PhD.

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