Friday, 30 September 2011

Don’t write that paper! The perils of Academic Publishing

The very plight one must endure to publish his Academic treasure is inconceivable. I recently finalised my latest Academic paper and in the process pondered an idea, what harm can publishing do? It seems the only practical and economic means by which I can distribute my masterpiece is through Academic publishing. Through such a ‘meticulous process’, I came to another realisation. What esteemed, illustrious and highly-regarded institution has the very resources under their belt to publish a mere paper written by a youngster? Consequently, I got a hold of the University of New South Wales’s phone number. I was directed after nearly six transfers in one call to the printing department. I observed they didn’t quite get a hold of what the word ‘publishing’ meant. I as an academic wanted to publish an academic paper academically to contribute to the academic community and to the academics that form it.

Papers are among one of the most powerful mediums to express ones thought and propagate the findings of a new discovery. They in turn provoke criticism by the Academic community and foster competiveness. But the long struggle to publish a single paper is asinine, ludicrous, ridiculous and more appropriately ‘Cockamamie’. It seems publishing papers is nothing short of ‘hopeless’, surprisingly it becomes apparent I am writing a paper typing about the ordeal!


  1. haha, i suppose the university of new south wales isnt going to be in your good books now!!!
    interesting,...what is an acedemic paper but