Monday, 12 September 2011

The Existence of God- A stunning Realization

What intimate relationship does the Existence of God or a divine deity have with slapping one another in the face? These two  seemingly unrelated concepts came to me in unison as I was completing some Math today. I have demonstrated that the very existence of God to my-self in an extremely abstract fashion. The incision of a needle into one's skin, the burning with hot coals, the very painful sensation of pain is a divine revelation. Place it as for instance God didn't exist, from an Atheist retrospect. What reason would nature have in endowing creation with the perception of Pain? How could the very perception of pain evolve through the principles of probability? If nature were to grant the creation with the ability to sense pain without any form of divine inspiration or intervention, it would be a laughable, cockamamie and asinine concept. However from the Theist's Standpoint, the perception of pain paves the way for the divine will, decree and mind of God to be realized. There is embodied a very concrete purpose in the granting of creation with the faculties of pain perception, one explored through numerous means, through a multitude of Religious Ideologies. The theist uses his/her faculties of reasoning, critical and abstract thinking in conjunction with logic and common sense to conclude that A divine being has created such a purpose in the consciousness of the creation and the divine being has created creation itself.

Hasan Mohammad


  1. not concentrating in math dr?? :)
    well written you should sent it to a priest or pope, check their reaction!

  2. i mean aethist....not pope, they believe in god