Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Human Mind- Mother of all Machines

File:Skull and brain normal human.svgIts incredibly Gelatinous, weighing in at under three pounds it stands paramount to the very prospect of Human intelligence. But how can one badly set rounded mass hold the very complexities of the universe? The query has provoked thought and debate down through the ages by some of the most pre-dominant philosophers, metaphysicians and intellectuals. The very medium for thought, consciousness and abstract thinking. It's often said that we utilise a minute portion of our brains, equating to that of 10 percent or so, the truth is much of the physiology, anatomy, form and function of the brain is shrouded in darkness, we havent a clue what evokes love at first sight or the perception of pain. I, as an intellectual regard the mind as the 'Mother of all Machines', processing, relaying pedantically to the very core. Its very potential, capacity and dexterity is often overlooked.
Susceptible even to the most lingering, malignant and malicious of diseases, the brain is shrouded in much controversy with theories emerging from every dimension of the sphere. 100 billion cells can come a long way, especially with a quarter of a million of them churning within the cranial cavity of a foetus. Yet again the metaphysical questions can be pondered, What form of divine inspiration does the brain incorporate? The answer is of course 'self explanatory'.

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