Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Atom- The Crux of the Cosmos

The definitive reduction of the universe. One that concocts a reality of infinite wonder through its intricate structure and elaborate function. A single, minute unit that comprises the universe in an immensely nano but uncompromising state of eloquence. The sheer basis to the fundamental rudiments of the lively and fiery cosmos, a thought provoking manifestation of aesthetic worth and physical dynamics. Governing and defining the myriad processes that perpetuate the material wonder of the universe, a eminent mechanism that harbors an colossal force of universal proportion. The advent of the understanding of the atom is a preeminent stance of the sciences, a progressive and profound movement that sought the essence of matter from every approachable angle. The immemorial conviction to dissect and disseminate the 'stuff' of the universe. The atom remains a phenomenon that teases the likes of the theoretical, physical and chemical sciences; through its elegance one seeks not solely its substance, but its genesis. A compelling subject of examination, one that through its dynamic processes on a diminutive level define the action upon reaction at the macro level, an provocative scientific and often personal intellectual endeavor. But beyond the annals and cries of intimate understanding, lie unanswered mystique that is at the core of this minute mechanism of matter. One may ponder its energy potential, at such a minute scale while considering its reduction into both its elementary and subatomic forms. The physicist may consider its role in fission and fusion while the chemist is inquiring of its nature throughout ionic and covalent bonding. Myriad disciplines that are propelled to dissecting the secrecy of the mechanism yet find little progress in a realm of infinite wonder and mystique. Particularly intriguing would remain the reduction of the atom into its finer elementary and subatomic particles, for the physicist is is constant yearning of even finer and finer particles of reduction; from quarks to strings and beyond. What is truly miraculous is the ubiquity of its presence, a reality abundant, copious and unparalleled. In addition, much may be premised regarding the role of the atom to unlocking the logic of the cosmos, not in terms of its physical and chemical constituents, but rather in terms of the essence, one that is encapsulated throughout the material world. A world of varying colour and proportion, of miraculous dynamics and processes that sustain a physical and chemical governance, a product of a rational and conscious agent. Our potential in dissecting such a physical and chemical phenomenon, is foreseen with our progress on a theoretical frontier, conjectures arising from almost every dimension of the academic and intellectual sphere. Conjectures and hypotheses taking the structure of the atom to a whole new extent suggest the existence of strings, whose vibrations dictate the dynamics of the atom. String theory is at the forefront of such a hypothetical quest for atomic structure over substance, with its mathematical abstractions and potent intellect regarding the nature of the cosmos. But in the midst of such an intellectual and scientific pandemonium we must regard an approach that transcends that of the physical, chemical and theoretical. An approach that seeks to rudiments, fundamentals and essences of a minute yet potent unit of reality.

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