Friday, 18 May 2012

The Soul- A Quest of the Self

A substance that lacks material-form, yet harbors the capacity to define the nature of being. The paradigm of incorporeality, an intangible and mystical manifestation of the self. Spiritually provocative and intellectually probing, the soul has become a phenomenon beyond that of the theological and has compelled the modern intellectual to seek its greater connotation and its intrinsic essence. For when documenting or conveying the soul, one is faced with the insurmountable hurdle of fathoming a reality substantial to the world and lives and minds, one that transcends matter and energy and challenges the dogma of materialism. Conquering such a feat on the intellectual frontier, demands an inquisitive insight into the nature of being from both the psychological and the spiritual, an approach that marries the best of both spheres. However, when one pores over the crux of being, the immortal nature and the mystical implications; one recognises that current comprehension lacks the potential to demystify the black-box of the soul. The soul is an intrinsic, perennial and elusive frontier, one that challenges the common conception of a solely material being and revives the spirituality of nature. It is our conception of the human as a reducible mechanism that has distorted our outlook, blurred the miraculous vista at the core of the soul. For we have gained and insight into the soul, but have reduced it to the likes of the mind, to the intricacy of the brain, to the molecular formations of atoms, to elementary and subatomic particles and beyond. What must be retained is an outlook that is neither distorted nor blurred, on that is spiritual and compelled to conquer the roots of being, from every approachable angle. Psychologically, the soul is the medium that transcends the mind, the centre of all emotive processes, the inspiration to cognition. But as a spiritual intellectual, one surpasses the superficial and analyses the vast oasis of the soul, implicitly and intrinsically; conquering the soul is not a product of intellect centered on measurable and static reality. Philosophically, compelled is one to decipher the logic of the soul and truly capture its essence through meticulous contemplation. And above all wisdom and inquisition stands the connectivity to the divine, a yearning for truth and a spirit that thrives in the knowledge of the divine. For the soul remains universal and immemorial. But the premise of a material soul seems contrary to the concept of incorporeality and a spiritual self, contrary to the conception of immortality. It is through an approach that seeks the divine reality truly seeks the nature, form and function of the soul. An approach of the highest stature and eminence, the ethic that places the final installment to the ground of all being, the culmination of spiritual insight and intellectual inquisition.

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