Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Multiverse- A Universe of Universes

Is our universe the only universe? Or are we merely one of many expanding soap bubbles we call the multiverse? Are we the only game in town? Or one of many embedded in a cosmic block of Swiss cheese? And while cheese and dairy may not deploy the verdict, we remain in awe at the unfathomable mystique of the known cosmos. From the big bang to the centres of black holes, the solution may rest with the notion of infinitely many realms oscillating in hyperspace. A reality where mother and baby macrocosms; connected and tangled via cosmic umbilical cords, sprout, fission and bud via nucleation to give rise to others and even one where different decohered branches of the wave-function reign. A collection and aggregation of universes that may constitute to different Hubble volumes, post-inflationary regions and physical constants, one that redefines the definition of 'all that exists'. If our universe was one among many, we could envisage the entirety of reality as a cyclic model; one where the universe follows infinitely many self-sustaining cycles of creation and destruction. We are probably the interior of a black-hole, existing as one of several inside a larger universe, a grander of scheme of things as part of an ultimate cosmological ensemble. One where every probabilistic outcome fissions into universes, as indicated by the many-worlds-interpretation, and the wave-function refuses to collapse; with every possibility, choice and decision playing out in a parallel world adjacent to ours in infinite dimensional Hilbert space. Another formulation of a multiverse would interestingly enough incorporate the democratic principle: whereby any universe that is mathematically probable has an equal probability of actually existing, therefore such an ensemble would incorporate unique physical laws and constants. And the ultimate curiosity remains how one would go about to travel 'interuniversally', as a cosmic tourst, a macrocosmic backpacker or even a multiversal hitchhiker; the finite probability of quantum tunnelling in which particles may cross an otherwise forbidden barrier such as an energy state may seem the ideal means of transportation from one parallel reality to the next. But as far as evidence is concerned, the multiverse remains a hypothetical feat with complications such as the probability problem; whereby an individual attempts to quantify the existence of their clone doppelgänger in a parallel universe, remains a loophole across many parameters. However, it is the amount of observable space-time dimensions and strength of the forces of nature that were set in stone by the early universe that may hint the existence of a multiverse, one where the failure of a vacuum to decay to its ground state gives rise to an ultimate ensemble. A synthesis of elegance beyond the parameters of our existence and above and beyond the depth of our perception; not the most presumptuous idea in the universe but in the multiverse...

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