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Welcome to Hasan's Thoughts Dissected. You will find a panoply of articles on a range of topics and questions concerning human existence, knowledge and empirical inquiry. Most posts are organised under the following major subcategories:

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Evolution: Exploring the diversity and history of life on earth; the evidence for common ancestry, macroevolutionary transitions, phylogenetics and special topics such as the evolution of social behaviour.

Origin of Life: Building together a unified view of prebiotic chemistry; open problems in abiogenesis research and models of the origin of life including (but not excluded to) the RNA world, Iron-Suplhur world, the origin of biological information and other big ideas

Cosmology: Probing the origins, evolution and large scale structure of the observable universe and beyond. Topics include the formation of structure, quantum gravity, general relativity, the cosmic microwave background, inflation and speculative theories of the universe.

Theoretical Physics: An inquiry into the fundamental nature of small-scale and high-energy physics: includes quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, string theory, supersymmetry and beyond. Investigation of particles, forces, symmetries and field theories with experimental and phenomenological implications.

Philosophy of Mind: Controversies regarding consciousness and mental states: a discussion of major schools of thought, physicalism vs non-physicalism, the hard problem of qualia, elimitivism, behaviourism, functionalism and more.

Philosophy of Religion: A critique of  popular and scholarly arguments for the existence of God(s). Implications of the naturalism vs. theism debate and open problems in professional theology.

Psychology:  An introduction to influential ideas in modern psychology and cognitive science; an encounter with major figures and thinkers. Review articles on mental development, intelligence, personality, sociology and mental disorders.

Pseudoscience:  Debunking claims of creationists, the intelligent design community and popular hoaxes.

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