Thursday, 27 October 2011

Embryology- A Quranic Basis

The miraculous inception of life is well documented within the literature. Embryological texts presenting the cellular, chemical and biological basis for ovulation, fertilisation and creation. It was however, a text represents not the likes of science, history, not a sermon nor an academic work; rather itself, the Holy Quran. The Quran remains the central text to Islam, its believed revelation 1400 years ago to an illiterate Meccan, Muhammad (pbuh) is an astonishing factor when dissecting the very basis it forms for one of the more recently founded fields. The study of embryology deals with the developing human in its mothers womb, furthermore, it is intriguing note that remaining a field originating in the modern west, its central tenets were unveiled along the treacherous deserts of Arabia. The Quran itself comprises of approximately 3500 verses segmented across some 114 chapters known as 'Surahs' in the Arabic linguistics. Several Surahs and their verses describe in the deepest of detail the most prominent of stages of human development. In Surah 'Al Muminoon' (Chapter 23) verses 12-14, Allah states, "And certainly did we create man from an extract of clay, then we placed him as sperm drop in a safe lodging, then we turned that sperm drop into a clinging clot and made the clot into a lump of flesh, then fashioned it into bones, then we covered those bones with flesh and created another creation". It is this analytical series of verses that cover the inception of the developing human in conjunction with Surat ' Al Alaq' verses 1 to 2, "Recite in the name of your lord who created , created man from a clinging substance". Dr Keith Moore, on of the most eminent authorities in modern science commended the Quran and its scientific proofs, claiming that such a revelation 'must have come from God to Muhammad. The third edition of his publication, 'The Developing Human', was inspired by much of the embryological proofs proclaimed in the Holy Quran. In addition, this places the Quran and the Islamic faith as an interconnected series of concepts. A scientific basis for a Holy text is nothing short of profound, more specifically the detailed outlook of the development  of the species for which practices its teaching and commandments. Moreover, it paves a steadfast in the belief and faith in a deity that is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent. Embryology's humble origins can be seen evidently and manifestly through the not the theoretical throught of the Greeks nor the anatomical images sketched by Da Vinci himself, rather in a text that incorporates perfect linguistics with both form and function.


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