Saturday, 30 June 2012

Engineering- A Tour de Force

The very exultation of our practical genius. Furnishing the world over with wonder and synergy, synthesising things never before conceived and extrapolating the profundity of our imagination. A discipline doused liberally with the know-how and time-honoured innovation decreed by its forefathers and perpetuated by a spirit that yearns to push the envelope of design and technology further than ever. Making the systems and the contraptions at the core of modern life more robust, more efficient and more awesome while simultaneously embarking on a revolutionary tour de force to conquer the pragmatic nature of being. Engineering is a modality that has undeniably fostered a boundless realm of utility; the definitive fusion of principles and practice into an evident measure of equilibrium. One may reflect on the universality of engineering by observing the meticulous functions of an engine; pistons primed in linear motion, compelled towards combustion,driving stroke upon stroke; the kinetics of a chemical reaction, giving rise to novel substances and solutions; the aviation of an plane, maintaining velocity and opposing drag or even the irreducible complexity of a circuit, harboring resistance and conductivity. Engineering has transfigured both the tangibility of the material world and the intangibility of the imagination, extrapolating its depth and profundity. The synergetic integration of technological advance with that of the status quo is at the heart of the engineering spirit, the intellectual challenge of solving perplexing technical problems by means of an interdisciplinary approach is at its coalface. For it remains not solely the goal of making mechanisms more efficient and more robust but also more intimate and alluring in their simplicity that forms the tapestry of such an indispensable art.

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