Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nanotechnology- Size Does Matter

Machines that laboriously execute the most confounding of functions. Contraptions that work in synergy, a cooperative interaction of components and mechanics driven to full throttle and absolute efficiency. The very coalface of cutting-edge technology, the final frontier of modern practical genius. While this may sound much like the dream machine for which the minds of engineering, design and technology yearn for, it remains a figment of our imagination attempting to manifest itself in reality. The advent of spellbinding molecular machinery, robust nano systems and paradigm-shifting scientific advance is ever immanent and closer than ever conceived. Nanotechnology has proved a token of promise for our futuristic worldview, pushing the envelope of what may be done on the atomic and molecular levels and challenging the concept of intangibility . Our perception of the material world has been limited to the parameters of what may be manipulated topographically or even microscopically but the attempt at manipulating matter by a factor of a few inconceivable nanometres is rather far-fetched for the average mind but the repercussions are boundless. Nanotechnology fosters a realm of utility lacking any foreseeable restrictions; molecular machines that work in unison with immunity to fend off diseases, more and more durable synthetic materials that withstand the harshest of elements and even quantum computation that dumps the bits for qubits. Phenomena such as the blood-brain barrier, a capillary network of the least permeability, remains a physiologic checkpoint that makes the delivery of certain drugs and pharmaceuticals insurmountable. The implications indicated by nanotechnology make this  feat surmountable and establishes a pristine standard of clinical practice. In regards to synthesis, the advent of fullerenes and related molecular counterparts are indicative of the possibilities immanent in such a meticulous discipline. Materials that exceed ordinary limitation are inevitable and their synthesis remains the subject of inquiry as to maintain the greatest degree of durability and efficiency. Nanotechnology may be a subject of futuristic conversation, but the realisation of its potency as an industrial, engineering and scientific movement and a junction between mechanisms of every colour, shape and proportion proves the key to the next final frontier. It's signature applications are indicated across every dimension of the sphere.

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