Monday, 30 July 2012

Richard Feynman- The Quantum Mechanic

A bongo-playing iconoclast whose rigour and energy revolutionsed the realm of theoretical physics. The theorist who conjectured where no mind would reflect, the mechanic that sought to decode the perplexities of quantum reality; a mundane scientist that pondered the fundamental answers to the fundamental questions. And while Einstein retained the first-half of the century, he deployed the second in a manner of panache and flamboyance. Richard Feynman remains deeply-seated throughout the pandemonium that fulfilled twentieth century physics, his signature skepticism and inherent touch of lucidity refined the image of the physicist and unveiled an ever sprawling yet dynamic constance of nature. Feynman entails a legacy that surpasses merely scientific proportions, rather one that echoes and reverberates throughout the whole of intellectual history. Theoretical physics has remained in constant pursuit of grand unifying laws that reinforce the understanding of the parenchyma of the cosmos; Feynman's role in that endeavor is woven intimately and methodically in his both his visionary foresight and eye for mathematical prowess. His theories of electrodynamics rethought the correlations of matter and light, depicting them in schema that resemble the careless scribbles of a child's sketch yet possess the inherent complexity of an exotic language. Much may be remarked regarding a practitioner of science, yet Feynman's legacy as both an iconoclastic public figure and revered physicist remain ever perennial. His capacity to doubt and to approach with a probing degree of skepticism while maintaining a measure of uncertainty remains a unparalleled world-view, a prodigious paradigm of intellect. It was the added account of particle physics and the mechanics of fluid helium that deciphered some of more renowned properties of zero viscosity. The sheer enormity of Feynman's bestowals is nothing short of incalculable, the augmentation of the canons of modern physics, the extrapolation of their classic and quantum indications and the freeing of the spirit of inquiry. A theoretical trailblazer, forever voyaging through the annals and spirit of science akin to a wayfarer voyaging through the vast oasis of the desert...


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