Thursday, 9 August 2012

Molecular Biology- Symphony in the Gene

A haven of order and complexity, playing to the symphonic rhythm of nature. The synchrony of cell and molecule in a cascade of biological marvel that ever confounds, gripping the secrecy of life. Standing as an endeavour rather than a mere attempt at expounding the interplay of genes and biochemical catalysis; it remains ever universal in both its form and direction. From the pithiness of its central dogma to its implications for modern genomics, molecular biology has fulfilled the embodiment of a grander scope of life. One readily laced with intricacy and elaborateness yet doused with the elegance of lucidity and intrigue. And while genes remain the powerhouse blueprints for powerhouse macromolecules, it is their stupendous odyssey from a humble polymer of nucleotides, to a polypeptide chain of amino acids and beyond that broadens the biological horizons of the cell and accounts for its elusive processes. From the copycat phase of replication that gives rise to twins from a parental strand of DNA; to the methodic phase of transcription that takes the stuff of genes to the stuff of RNA; to the interpretation of a residue by residue sequence by means of translation. Molecular biology seems the starting point at the terminating point of biochemistry, ever pushing the envelope of understanding further than ever. In addition, the dynamics of gene expression remain deeply encapsulated in the cellular preference for one gene over the other; hinting a biological symphony devoid of sound and note yet superfluous in authority and governance. Ruminating even further, we realise the exactitude at the heart of the gene, the initiating prelude of the promoter's bond to RNA polymerase, its elongation as DNA is copied into RNA and the finishing touches indicated by the omission of introns ans the expression of exons. Rather superfluous in terms of jargon, yet the most efficient and industrious of biological contraptions on the planet. A contraption bent on more than merely a central dogma, rather myriad indications and implications for cutting-edge science. For when a neoplastic mutation results in a malignant growth of cellular entities, the interplay between oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes grounds a molecular basis to understanding the pathophysiology of disease and disorder. Telomeres and telomerases included, their roles  catalyzing such molecular mayhem and unrest. Molecular biology is at the coalface of disseminating  the nature and causes of such mutations, but apart from cancer or oncologic phenomena, an ever emerging movement to dissecting the induced mutations caused by mutagens and the flaws the polymerases of replication spontaneously evoke. A realm of utility, viability and feasibility is deeply and intimately woven throughout the fabric of molecular biology, not solely for its groundbreaking and paradigm-shifting efforts in the genetic world but also for the spirit of discovery and lucidity it kindles and arouses...

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