Wednesday, 29 August 2012

4D- The Fourth Dimension

We reside upon a reality of dimensions. From the very objects we maneuver and manipulate to the curvature of space and time we extrapolate, the realm of dimensions seems the definitive platform of existence. And while limited to a discrete degree of three of such dimensions we begin to reflect on the feasibility of the fourth as a platform of existence. An abstract and abstruse concept compounded with the axioms and the theorems, the vectors and the coordinates. A fourth dimension truly breaks physical bounds of space and time, pushes the envelope on our profundity regarding the topological, geometric or even metaphysical nature of the known universe. A fourth dimension may well and truly express itself in the discipline of mathematics as a series of vectors, augmenting the degree of spatial liberty in a manifold; in physics, this comes as a grand unification of space and time via the Minkowski continuum of special relativity. But the central premise remains a fourth poled realm of space, where the minimum prerequisites central to the definition of a point are four. Envision a one dimensional terrain, a single coordinate is the prerequisite for the definition of a point, a two dimensional terrain requiring two coordinates, our three dimensional world requiring three and the four dimensional requiring four. But in terms of spatial freedom, a one dimensional world would restrict motion to right and left movements; a two dimensional reality limiting movement to right-left, forward-backward motions; a three dimensional world allowing right-left, forward-backward, up-down and around motions. The spatial freedom of a four dimensional world seems best represented by a tesseract cube, a four dimensional analog of its proportion, allowing the freedom of a three dimensional reality in conjunction with 'inside' movements. And while the verbosity of spatial movements and coordinates aims to tackle the abstract nature of a four dimensional world, we are only beginning to cut the Gordian Knot of its perplexity and mystery.  We are only beginning to unearth and unveil the range of ramifications such an array of dimensions poses, only beginning to fathom the sheer extents and heights such an order of spatial freedom may reach as both an abstract and a temporal reality. For we are not merely entities of three spasmodic dimensions, rather we are beings of a higher purpose...

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