Friday, 25 November 2011

Feminism- An Abridged Paradigm

She stands alluring, magnetic and radiant to her male counterparts, giver of birth and fertility to her family and a mere individual in the eyes of her superiors. She is the female, of an Islamic orientation. A conformist to the west, abiding to the status quo; disregarding the mentality of a visionary and playing a passive and submissive role in a highly competitive bureaucracy. My experiences with the downfall of female enlightenment, the death of open-mindedness and the divorcing of the female from the political and social scenes, have lead to several conjectures, but none of this magnitude. It is the philosophy propagated by schools of thought such as feminism that have made their rather memorable impressions, as bodies of individuals bound under a single banner. But it is this collective attitude that fails to narrow in on the individual and seek the very essence of the single female psyche. The female is more than a biological counterpart, rather a political, social and spiritual statement, attaining a mentality free from the roots of dogma and the senseless conventions preached by the hierarchy. This egalitarian and Utopian approach to women, more specifically those of an Islamic orientation, has been tarnished by the ethos of the west. The status quo, as illuminated by the facets of westernized culture and thought have infested the once flourishing community of Islamic females that took to the stage as it was blazed with the likes of tyrants, oppressors and dictators. She is caught in the midst of adoption, of a very mentality foreign to her faith and ideological values. It it that swift but radical absence of that visionary mentality. The very intellectual capacity to take revolutionary stances on the the political arena, the capacity to function socially while upholding the very tenets central to her faith seems far-fetched where the mentality has been dissolved, professing the embracing of westernism. The concept of conformity lacks any radical harm, but when one abandons the very essence the self and the inner psyche, exchanging it for a bureaucratic ideal, they are worthy of criticism from every front possible. It is critical to note the very evolution of the feminist thought with the advent of the twentieth century, the rise in prominence and regard of figures such as Betty Friedan, with her publication of the famed, The Feminine Mystique, fueled a collective cause, a very spirit, that would alter the perception of the female. But such philosophies promoted by figures such as Friedan lack tangible and intangible substance, leaving the female at bay, with whatever little resources at her disposal. The Islamic faith stands to preserve the individualistic collectivism that feminism has attempted to project to no logical avail. It is the radical propagation of western ideals in conjunction with the rise of colonialist sentiment that has erased the incidence of a female mentality untainted and unadulterated. It is that ever-lasting yearning for that radical 'alpha-female' that embeds within an intellectual that desire to meet her, which her thoughts shape constitutions, her words, like authortitive  commandments upon humanity and her figure, a rigid, flawless paradigm for her faction of society. 


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