Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Anthology- A Culmination of Compilation

An invaluable, indispensible treasury. Bound by the essences of the literary mastery it harbours and the transcendent worth it perpetuates. Lively and fiery with the essences of sagacity, prowess and intellectualism. Composed and compiled, criticised and commended; it has produced a profound impression upon the humanities, the very sciences and the arts that convey the purest of abstractions. A definitive literary species, the ascent of the anthology as both a compilation and culmination is ever deserving of commendation. The sheer capacity to ordain and convey literary pieces of the highest and most venerable of stature, a dexterity to unite, to divide and compare. The anthology as a literary tool heavily accessible to the repertoire and armamentarium of the theorist, linguist and the thinker. Traditionally, the role of the anthology as a tangible literary reality was centred on the prospect of a substantially limited and constricted line of sustained appeal and interest. The anthology was merely a tool, a reference, analogous to that of a lexicon which dominated the literary species. Its variety and ever-flourishing coverage of the works and times that consumed the past, are dictating the very present and shall pen the future. The traditional and dogmatic, conventional role was a tool accessible in times of which one was in need of inspiration, of counsel and a catalyst to drive and gear their literary ventures. The anthology continues in many respects to uphold this constricted traditional role but when one ventures deeply into the true annals of thought, the literary master-pieces that dictated the progress of contemporary literature; one realises an essence. An essence where the anthology is subject to a sustained and praised setting, one which removes the temporary periodical circumstances of tradition. The anthology is the definitive treasury, this being an empirical truth on the basis of countless experiences with literature of ever shape, colour and proportion. A compilation, beautifully and majestically crafted. Abundant with substance, copious with flavour and sensation. Producing the effect of synaesthesia, thought provoking and inspiring. For when one pores over that of an anthology, there remains an ordained purpose, a transcendent unity of the words and prose of the writers and theorists. A stream of substance voyaged adventurously by the intellectual in search of a single-saving truth. It is only in an anthology that realities are given full play and projection. The unity and binding of a multitude of styles, a copious abundance in wisdom and a provocative form of accessible and attainable literature. It is only through the complete and thorough consumption and digestion of an anthology that yields the conquering of a front, the giving of full-play and full-projection. The anthology remains a literary species of extreme variability and proportion, a species that is dependent on purpose in order to ordain substance, a very essence that will capture, grasp and conquer the psyche from every approachable angle when composed in a seamless and uncompromising manner. Anthologies, more contemporary specimens, seem to conquer and address almost all fronts and provisions. They exploit the enduring brilliance of those literary men and institutionalise themselves a degree of pre-eminence as both a literary authority and a companion to that of the contemporary, the historic and the classic.

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