Sunday, 8 January 2012

Modesty- A Shroud of Morality

From the very veil that guards the essence of her existence as a physical entity to the morality and dignity exhibited by his articulation, it stands as paramount to the nature of ethics in its simplest and most rudimentary form.  A shroud that conceals and harbours what is the direct representation of beauty, of intellect or of wealth. One that places insurance upon the stability of the self on the individual and collective levels, one that is revealing to the point of reflection. The manifestation of modesty and its dissection throughout the various circles of thoughts has placed it in a position of detriment. A detriment that fails to conquer new ground for a concept attractive to the likes of controversy throughout the social and political ethos of the east and west. It has been modelled upon the ideals of faith and upon the ideals of those seeking that of truth and that of betterment. Modesty is akin to that of a pearl, firmly encapsulated within its shell. A shell of open-mindedness and of security, one that fosters a passion for wisdom and the mentality of a visionary. Such a pearl is safeguarded by the ideals of a concept shrouded in a taboo, for modesty remains a profound variant across culture and tradition. With boundaries restricted and narrowed, modesty remains little more than a mere ‘ethical principle’, practised by our forefathers. Fortunately, the nature of modesty is indeed accessible for it is both native and foreign to our senses. A principle beyond the annals of ethics and infiltrating with optimism into the social and political fronts we hold central to our existence. This is predominantly associated with that of the female. Such an attitude is approached with hostility by such a biological counter-part, a social and political statement; but in turn this sheds light upon the true value of an entity, a human being whose value has been neglected throughout history immemorial. The female is possessor of beauty, of elegance and femininity. An essence, in its purest is viewed as deserving of protection and of security. The essence of the female is conveyed manifestly throughout her physical and social manifestation. It is the marriage of the female with the eloquence and security of modesty that remains the equivalent of an unbreakable and impenetrable political and social ideology of purity and chastity. Modesty is disregarded, it is envisioned as the cessation of freedom and of autonomy. The female can only achieve absolute and unadulterated autonomy by dissolving the status quo that claims to be a sustainer of the values we pertain to freedom and liberty. For the status quo envisions society as a rigid and static reality, lacking any colour or variation. One where citizens are programmed according to the dogma, one were the female is denied her autonomy to reach a state prominence. It becomes critical in such an analysis to acknowledge the often flawed and failed attempts by nations that claim to be well acquainted with that of modesty. They fail to foresee the psychological and ethic faculties that are central to its culmination as a force of social and political proportions. Limiting the proximity of modesty to that of adornment is a profound diminishing of its implications. Deeming modesty as a threat to autonomy is an absolute malignancy.

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