Sunday, 1 January 2012

Unconquered Fronts- Looking Back and Gazing Ahead

As I 'write', an unfamiliar, enigmatic sensation floods my senses. I perceive, conceive and gather the circumstances, a mere aroma, neither of olfactory significance nor culinary curiosity. The inception of a new era, one of twists, turns and absolute, seamless reflection. One that allows the psyche to fashion himself to a greater state of mind and being. One that fabricates excellence upon the seeds of failure of the past and one that allows ever-more time and toil to ones personal philosophy. There remain many fronts conquered and unconquered. For the inception of a new year acts as a symbolic gesture, either to tease or commemorate the long and time-honored efforts of the intellectual. A year is an extensive cycle, one that can be exploited to achieve brilliance or to fall to ignorance and narrow-mindedness. A cycle governed by the wheel of time, fertile ground for the mind to bloom, flower and its thought to preliterate. As we take an analytical glance back, we realise the culmination of thought, toil and eloquence that has forged our present character. The secretion of neurotransmitter and the electro-chemical processes of the mind behind a year's worth of sensation and reflection. We envision our dealings as citizens, our stances as intellectuals and our ever inflating appetite, our intrinsic love affair with knowledge and wisdom. Pushing the envelope more and more, we work against the dogma and evade the threatening nature of the trials and tribulations that sway our emotion and feeling.  Consuming and digesting, while standing on the shoulders of giants and constructing a life-time of brilliance. Life remains no homogeneous pudding, it is an interconnected nexus of events, sensations, morals and lessons that contribute to that of a legacy. A legacy spanning decades, but its durability spanning eternity. We think of love and affection, it infinite facets and its noble philosophy. We ponder the act of pondering itself, anticipating the very essence of thought to cross our intellectual, philosophical and social paths. The ecstasy and the exhilaration, compacted into a minute nutshell we hold central to our existence. And as we converge into a a new era, we instill a kernel of wisdom into our colossal filing system, consolidating and applying, recalling and reflecting. We seek counsel and guidance from the divine, requesting a direction in conjunction with our faith and theology. And as we gaze ahead, we encounter the pinnacle of a mentality. A visionary, constructing yet another nexus of possibilities, one after yet another. We seek to conquer the unconquerable and cure the incurable, bound by our lust, our passion for a state of equilibrium, to continue to emulate our hard earned vision. Neither infallible, nor perfect, we vow to pursue legitimacy in our affairs, with the aid of our conscience and our inhibitions. As 'they' remain in fixed and uniform stances we conquer ground never witnessed in history. Pursuing eloquence and excellence we ponder the ink flowing liberally from that of the ball point pen and the liquid, fluid inspiration flowing from that of the faucet of wisdom. We are one indivisible, united and correlated. Impervious to temptation and destruction, to downfall and immorality. And as we look back and gaze ahead, it is all but a marvelous vista to be praised..

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