Friday, 9 December 2011

The Academic Road- A Second Attempt

Much controversy steeped my previous article regarding the incidence of poor intellectual resources for intellectual publishing. This provoked my criticism to some of the most feared and revered authorities in that specialty and disencouraged any further progress to be made with the likes of academic publishing. On this long and often treacherousness ordeal one is caught in the midst of thought, more particularly extending the very boundaries of his discipline and finding a suitable authority to endorse and propagate his work. The academic road has been erected not as a road of cast bitumen, rather one steeped in criticism, conflict and intellectual rivalry. One that fails to attain the needs of intellectuals from a range of specialties and fails to motivate and drive those aspiring juveniles to a promising future as a world-renowned physician or as an industrious aeronautical engineer. In spite of this heavily flawed and corrupted system, I thrive on a means to rewrite the unwritten dogma and set a new standard of conventions making academic publishing along the academic road a frustration free encounter. The academic road must appeal to the likes of those who hold no qualifications or credentials and learn to exploit the wealth of wisdom prevalent within a society. It must learn to accept the ever changing and shifting needs of scholarly intellectuals and provide all resources practical and within their disposal to disperse their new found intellect through a physical and tangible medium. I am not suggesting the academic road is flawed from every facet approachable, rather there are many stones left unturned vis-a-vis the needs of academics and their successors. In this light, it becomes increasing binding on an esteemed intellectual such as myself to have a degree of sympathy from my predecessors who have been subject to this undesirable predisposition. To project and illuminate a radically new means to convey wisdom from every front without the setbacks and drawbacks of the academic community. I brand this stance as a 'Second Attempt'. One where the desire to make knowledge as a free and as accessible as possible, to simplify the publication process and to rewrite the dogma that silences revolutionary breakthroughs becomes totally paramount. This 'Second Attempt' comes as a brainchild of intimate reflection and thought, of open-mindedness and the elimination of the dogmatic conventions. It has yet to reprogram the mechanics of the academic road, but will surely capture and inspire the very psyches of prominent scholarly figures. It has yet to become mainstream, unless someone proposes a paper on it!

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