Sunday, 4 December 2011

Suburban Enigmas- The Mystique of Society

Bound by their unwritten rules, their vivid and often eccentric personalities, they thrive deeply within the very roots of the suburban ambience. Exhibiting a passion for their internal talents and their twisted socio-economic horizons. They are the conventional, the dogmatic suburbains. Subtle, Insidious and stealthy in their day to day routine and shrewd in their judgements and encounters with their fellow citizen. Recently, I paid a visit to some of the most socio-economically deprived regions of the city and discovered a collective 'Utopian' attitude amongst the residents. They stand as individuals, broadening their status as a mere cog and gear in the systematic, interdependent approach we call society. They are the pinnacle of practical intellect, combining inherited traits and ideals with the modernism manifest throughout the professing of a suburban atmosphere. A senior citizen I encountered shared her account regarding her agricultural ventures and interests, she seemed an enigma, a mystery to the likes of narrow-mindedness and arrogance, to bigotry and to stigma. The citizen is more than a facet of the society he composes and settles, he is an enigma when the approach takes a relatively personal stance. There exists and excessively fine line between psyche and personality. They are both encapsulated within a deceitful covering and undermined by the rise of the destruction of individuality. Bound by their faith for god and country, they approach life with a healthy world-view that seeks the essence of loyalty and fidelity. That citizen whom I approached in that economically deprived community sought a purpose to proper under the ranks and governance of a bureaucracy. One that made convincingly promising claims to perserve, protect and serve the fundamental interests of the society and the people that compose it. But if we were to take an even more invasive and aggressive approach that would radically turn the tables on this modern-day dispute, it seems evident that the prominent figures of eloquence and intellect thrive and shall thrive within the nucleus of socially and economically impoverished communities.  It is those communities lush with the furnishings of luxury that lack a collective wisdom as perpetuated by the enigmas. But those citizens hold a discreet and covert alter-ego, a tenet of their twisted psyches that discourages them from pursuing a promising and fruitful relationship or even instigate social interaction. This stands not as criminal, rather a subtly eccentric and uncanny self, often subject to criticism and abuse by those alien to their unique and enigmatic realm. They pursue social justice, under the guidance of the doctrine of a deity and under the warmth of their hearts. Drenched with the critical and vain attitudes of their egotistic counter-parts, they motivate and drive the higher self to a more colossal cause, one free from the lust, greed and corruption of 'civilised society'. It was the rise of political sentiment such as colonialism that still scars the mentalities of the bigot upon the enigmatic citizen. But as they are left powerless, without any materialistic keep-sakes, they resemble mystiques, ready to conquer their claim. 

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