Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Prayer Rug- A Tangible Spirituality

+It is a majestic tapestry. One bound by the ideals of a faith drenched with the life-long loyalty to the
divine being. A tangible facet of worship, one of artistic and architectural significance coupled intimately with a signature ritual. A ritual bound by a routine, a routine deeply encapsulated within the mentality of the worshiper towards the worshiped. It unites and integrates seamlessly and removes the inner impurities of a psyche caught in the ecstasy of a world of atrocity. The prayer rug remains a potent symbolic statement of the Islamic faith, one woven, both physically and metaphysically over the course of millenia. A rug of spiritual proportions, a means, a very goal to reach a union with that of God. As one grips its interwoven fibers and stares analytically at the symmetrically oriented mastery, a symbol of prowess becomes undeniably apparent . A craft that resembles a majestic tapestry with a metaphysical and spiritual role. From the very instance one sets foot within its proximity the overwhelming sensation of euphoria floods the consciousness and sends the mind into a state of spiritual reflection, cosmological amazement and the signature presence of the divine being. God is neither silent nor insidious.He is accessible from every dimension of the sphere and the prayer rug probes the prospect that itself is a metaphysical means to reaching the likes of god, communicating ones internal conflicts and hostilities and the annihilation of the individual egotistic psyche. Prayer remains the act while the prayer rug remains the means, the sole channel by which a fulfilling prayer can be executed and a fulfilling encounter with God can be attained. Bound by faith and the facet of worship, the worshiper continually grips the rug fascinated and intrigued by its mystique for it seems both inaccessible and accessible simultaneously. Such an approach arises from the notion that the prayer rug is ubiquitous, its existence certain and its victory against the test of time remains forever perennial. The being is seized by this exhilaration, an ecstasy evoking neither pleasure nor pride, rather the very essence of reflection at its purest. It is only the capacity of the intellectual that can view the essence of the prayer rug, a neurological and philosophical dexterity that seems to illuminate the enigmatic spiritual and theological phenomena. The ritual act of prayer is neither a science nor a specialty, it is a means by which one can reach an intimate reflection, a unique and unadulterated practice that an individual exemplifies in their own manner. But the paradox regarding the feasibility of prayer being performed with a conventional basis stirs controversy within a wealth of theological circles. The prospect that prayer must be a fixed and uniform practice seems under intense opposition by individuals seeking a non-dogmatic approach to faith, individuals wanting to express their fidelity to their faith and a commitment towards God. Regardless of its immemorial origins, the prayer rug continues to uphold a very stature, a prominent caliber provoked and determined by the faithful to which it serves as a metaphysical and spiritual means.

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