Monday, 26 December 2011

Love- A Hormonal Reality

A hormone surging through our very veins or rather a boundless field of energetic phenomena captivating the heart. A physical to a physiological response, one deeply rooted within the annals of thought as a manifestation of 'admiration' and affection'. One with a strikingly profound insight into the nature of being and the nature of man, a both tangible and intangible facet of existence, a symbolic emblem of our autonomy and inner psyche. Love, whether documented through the ubiquitous symbols we pertain to it or professed by individuals seeking a sense of companionship, is a manifestation, a phenomena deeply embedded within the anatomy of the individual and collective psychology. A manifestation commemorated and professed since the advent of man, yet continues to lack a definitive ambassador. A mystique, a very romance fabricating the fine tapestry we conceive as the mind, body and soul. Nevertheless, there remains an impersonal basis for an increasingly personal and intimate phenomenon. With the advent of modern breakthroughs, the identification and classification of the hormone, 'Oxytocin', has incurred a pandemonium of collective attitude towards the nature of love. The 'Love Hormone', as it was popularly conceived has diminished and devalued the essence of affection and admiration, of love. Denouncing love to a mere secretion of a hormone on a physiological front is nothing short of inhumane. It is the cessation of a tenet of thought, feeling and emotion. The massacre of a culmination of bonding and warmth. What the intellectual and individual 'wisdoms' must illustrate is the nature of love in several realities or manifestation. The very prospect that love is a readily inaccessible reality that is obliged to manifest itself on many platforms whether hormonal, psychological or philosophical but continues to lack a definitive image. It seems that in a 'civilised' society a physiological basis can be produced and proposed for almost every phenomena we consider entirely spiritual and intangible. This creates friction, dogma lacking any reasoning and stigma directed to those who propagate the essence of the intangible. Love is a reality, a mother from which fruitfulness and prosperity stem. A reality where the spirit of empathy and companionship are professed seamlessly. Oxytocin is a mere chemical structure, of a molecular basis. Lacking any consciousnesses, emotion and psychology; it is the product of secretion rather than affection and intimacy. But the insensitivity exhibited by such breakthroughs are a predominant representation of the changing attitudes of society. The prospect that we exchange fondness and attachment with the destructive realities of insensitivity and the lack or empathy. It is paramount to the stability of society and in the best interest of the individuals that compose it that we learn to maintain the essence of humanity and to limit the proximity and extent to which these physiological statements infiltrate. Placing love under the classification of 'the secretion of a hormone' remains inhumane and immoral in its own right. A denouncing of the facet of humanity that forms integration, breaks down the incidence of barriers and removes an invasive and aggressive psyche; paving the way to a road of resemblance where one can envision an eternal love, a reality beyond the realm of hormones.

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