Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Heart for the Mind- The Neuro-Cardiac Rivalry

A specter is haunting the likes of the root of our consciousness, a mere four-chambered, hollow entity reigning over the sustaining of life. A pump, of varying shape and proportion, an interconnected network of a vessels, a labyrinth of muscle and tissue; a critical facet of circulation. What was once considered the center of intellect, know regarded as the very soul and mind for which the body harbors. It fosters action and reaction, a response to stimuli, deceiving the intelligent mind to sustain a belief in its cognition. Processing and distributing to every dimension of the sphere, a moist, fluid inspiration. Pouring over the very annals of anatomy, physiology and conventional medicine the literature holds clue to a discrete rivalry between some of the most eloquent and revered systems of the human body. One spanning many fronts, where physiological or philosophical, there is an ever-growing  sentiment surrounding the grandiose status of the muscular heart and the thoughtful brain. As a flourishing intellectual it remains relatively common to decipher and acknowledge the unseen and the unknown and in this respect, the prominence and dominance of the heart is definitely a factor irresistible to ponder in the deepest of detail. On one half of the table lies an nexus of nerve impulses communicating and exchanging over the labyrinth of electro-chemical processes, the other harbors a rhythmically inclined system, nourishing and enriching the former. Strikingly, the human brain remains one of the most metabolically active mechanisms physiologically and its heavy dependence on the overwhelming work-load executed by the heart is revealing of  internal and often personal vulnerabilities. The heart seems substantially independent to the very extent its dual pumping function is provoked by its own internal mechanics rather than intervention or support posed by the brain and its nervous counterparts. Consuming around a metric litre of blood every minute in existence, the brain and the range of specialists associated with its form and function have yet to come clean about the neurological dependence on cardiovascular toil. Some individuals of the highest eminence and stature have denounced and degraded the likes of the heart to a readily functioning pump and the specialists concerning its disorder, mere plumbers. Such a rivalry has instilled a competitive and objective ambiance throughout the medical establishment rather than a hostile uproar categorized by an influx of terrorism or militarism. Simultaneously, this remains one battle left unfounded, theoretically as a result of the cross-fertilisation between the specialists and their specialties, a harmonious union where physiological differences are set aside to made way for a promising road ahead. One where 'warm hearted' psyches are bound by love and compassion.

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