Friday, 2 December 2011

Motivation- The Root of Prosperity

It is striking, captivating and enlightening in its own right. A driving force achieving the prosperity deemed far fetched, extending the standards to greater lengths and elevating the psyche to a state of betterment. It isn't the cognitive basis for motivation that startles the academic mind, rather its profound implications; the very capacity to erect industrial empires, douse oneself with the power of knowledge or achieve their life-long aspirations remains the tip of the iceberg throughout this age-old concept of conventional wisdom. It is that driving force that empowers the psyche on a psychological arena to attain a greater state of enlightenment, empowers the ego to inflate and deflate variably and allows the very spirit behind body and mind to soar higher than ever. Motivation is to the visionary what formulae remain to the economist. A fundamental facet, absent in the consciousness of the brain dead, superfluous within the mentality of the visionary. But the conundrum remains, whether motivation itself should be branded an esteemed status as a tenet of human intellect or whether it is satisfactory to leave it to frolick amongst the very few. This is a paradox alien to the likes of modern philosophy and thought. Motivation seems intangible, inaccessible to the mind  for which it overtakes with an everlasting streak of ecstasy. Bound by his ideals and individual values the psyche assumes a position, a very stance in a highly competitive setting. It is motivation, in which a lack of, foresees an evident line of shortcoming and inadequacy. It arms and equips the mind it captivates with a fiery sensation of persistence and advancement. A very sensation resonated from the simplest limbic function to the fountain-like impressions of neurotransmitters. As an academic, motivation seems to rapidly converge from its former status to its latter purpose. Rapidly becoming a critical part of an academic's repertoire and consuming pages upon pages of thought, physical and philosophical; Motivations remains the essence of the human psychology. We may be able to describe its implications on the emotional and psychological fronts, but that doesn't give us the slightest clue as to how it functions physiologically, on the neuroanatomical and physiological front. But the discrepancy regarding the attaining of a motivated state remains unquestioned. Attaining or gaining a motivated mind-set is itself well beyond the boundaries of modern thought, but the sane mentality encounters it well within the ethos of his daily affairs. He isdriven by an 'invisible hand', analagous to that of Adam Smith as stated in his famed 'The Wealth of Nations'. Such a faceless and nameless entity is the spirit of motivation in itself and is a medium of accomplishemnt beyond reasonable and logical comprehension. If we were to boil down the nature of the motivational spirit to afew critical priniples one would encounter a concundrum, What should be arranged first, the latter or the former?

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